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Gaika metalmagazine 3
MusicNovember 07, 2018
Creating in turbulent times

We talk with the singer and writer about “Basic Volume” (his latest album), the transformative power of music, and collaborating with Sophie.

Skanu mezs 2018 arturs pavlovs %2888 of 91%29
MusicNovember 06, 2018
Adventures in the forest

A couple of weeks ago, we attended the avant-garde music festival in Riga and got the chance to see Caterina Barbieri, Thurston Moore, and Mats Gustafsson.

Misskittinhacker metalmagazine 2
MusicNovember 05, 2018
Reviving beats from the past

With the ‘90s trend still on hype, the French duo has launched “Lost Tracks Vol. 2”, an EP with 4 previously unreleased demos recorded between 1997 and 1999.

Fredericdoberland metalmagazine
Film - MusicOctober 31, 2018
Will you find your way out?

He’s as multifaceted as it gets: artist, self-taught musician, and co-founder of Nahal Recordings. And now, he’s released his album “Labyrinth” and a video.

Jamie xx
MusicOctober 31, 2018
Our top 10

From November 1 to 4, Turin becomes the capital of avant-garde music thanks to the festival. Yves Tumor, David August, Jamie xx, Aphex Twin, and more.

Papijuice barcelona 5
Events - MusicOctober 18, 2018
The queer party that’s changing the game

Consider this your invitation to the Brooklyn-based dance party and kiki that is changing queer nightlife in New York City. Don’t say we never told you.

Hmltd metalmagazine 3
MusicOctober 03, 2018
Disturbingly, deliciously different

HMLTD are not just a bunch of guys wearing lipstick, but an avant-garde band-cum-art collective on a crusade for mainstream progression. We’re listening.

Willaris k metalmagazine
MusicSeptember 28, 2018
Thick, dreamy soundscapes

Australian producer Willaris. K is here to take you on a journey, manipulating sounds of ambience and euphoria to create truly transcendent music.

Raph metalmagazine
MusicSeptember 20, 2018
Sacred African sounds

He’s taking actual field recordings of Pan-African rituals and chants, and adding them to electronic beats to create a unique, modern, yet sacred sound.

Jungle metalmagazine 1
MusicSeptember 14, 2018
Synthy summery soul

Jungle are back and they’re better and beatier than ever, with second album, “For Ever”. Sunset soundscapes settle over heartbreak and the Hollywood hills.

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