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MusicApril 02, 2020
The energy of music

After his success with “LA”, his debut album, the multifaced French DJ is back with “Altura”, his new release. Learn more about Marc and his new project.

MusicMarch 27, 2020
Power regained

Nimmo, a born and bred London duo release a new video that doesn’t disappoint. Their aim: change the face of pop to be more inclusive.

MusicMarch 25, 2020
Underground sounds from Cairo

Set to release his new album, “Three Phase”, on March 27th, we sit down with the Cairo-based DJ to discuss the city’s club scene, his sound and anonymity.

Fashion - Film - MusicMarch 24, 2020
Stay creative and entertained at home

As the world locks down in quarantine, the Italian luxury house presents a multi-platform project encompassing live music, cooking lessons, cinema, and more.

MusicMarch 23, 2020
An aerial experience

Listen to J Colleran’s latest work, “EP01”, a five-track ambient EP sampling sounds of Kawasaki motorbike engines that feels somewhat unreal or unfamiliar.

MusicMarch 20, 2020
In a state of flux

Listen to “UFO Walk”, the new track by the Vilnius-based musician, which we present exclusively as we discuss new music, Radiohead and feeling out of place.

MusicMarch 17, 2020
Essential listening

If you’re not down, get out of her way; Erika de Casier knows and owns her influences so don’t put her in a box. Listen to her new album, “Essentials”.

MusicMarch 12, 2020
The new French Touch

Who said French Touch was over? Meet the Paris-based producer, DJ and even fashion designer, Lazare Hoche. Let’s be carried by this breath of fresh air.

MusicMarch 03, 2020
Bringing people together

They’ve played at Burning Man, had a summer residency in Ibiza and are about to launch their record label; meet Rami and Tamer, and their spiritual music.

MusicFebruary 27, 2020
The sad boy is back

Featuring psychedelic patterns and set on a child-like TV set, Lean offers stripped-back euphoria in his new track, “Boylife in EU”, ahead of his new album.

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