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MusicMay 05, 2021
Sticking to your gut

He started off as a model, working the runway, but he's now embarking in an exciting music career with songs like "Crossroads" and "Shadow Love."

MusicMay 05, 2021
A melodic and lyrical impulse

"Ones + zeroes" is his latest single, which has been a decade in the making, a sublime addition to his upcoming album, “The Stars Are God’s Bullet Holes.”

MusicMay 05, 2021
Earth-conscious pop

"Grow!" is his latest release, which embodies the artist's spirit as he sings hymns, makes synthesiser patches and goes to the forest to take samples.

MusicMay 04, 2021
The greatest era in music

She is a mother with platinum records and 80s-inspired hits, is there anything she can’t do? "Please" is her new video calling all dancers to the stage.

MusicMay 03, 2021
All about love

Meet the Dubai-based Jordanian multidisciplinary artist Basil Alhadi, who is “a simple human who started from the bottom,” as he describes himself.

MusicApril 30, 2021
Releasing your inner demons

Her introspective newest track "Sebra" premieres today as the second round of the five-part series of videos promoting her upcoming EP "Bloom," due in May.

MusicApril 30, 2021
Keeping it in the family

Today we're giving a taste of what's to come with her newest project "If they're mine," out May 21, with a behind-the-scenes video of the creative process.

MusicApril 30, 2021
Going above your expectations 

We get the chance to talk to this Bay Area alternative hip-hop collective as it releases its disruptive second album “FYE (Fuck Your Expectations).”

MusicApril 29, 2021
Self-affirming a new sound

Dropping tomorrow Rochelle Jordan’s new album is an assertive exploration of a different shade of R&B that sees the artist explore her ever-changing self.

MusicApril 29, 2021
Creative destruction

METAL speaks to the experimental Swedish songwriter pushing the boundaries of the pop formula for her debut EP out 21 May.

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