Dior x Rosalia
The new Lady Dior

Rosalia fronts the latest campaign of Lady Dior as the newest global brand ambassador, celebrating the elegance and modernity of Dior Icon pieces.

Gal Schindler
Reflecting on Womanhood, Freedom, and the Human Body

With “Wishing Well,” her solo show at London’s Ginny on Frederick art gallery, the painter explores boundless ways of being through female figures and a soft colour palette.

Sunna Margrét
Light and Dark

The Icelandic singer-songwriter has put out “Finger on Tongue,” her debut album, which talks about pleasure, regret, obsession, loneliness, uncertainty, and more.

Bridging Cutting-Edge Sounds with Tantric Beliefs

Immerse yourself in a weird, genre-bending, innovative journey with “DieciDee,” the artist’s debut EP, which bridges ambient, trap, trance, and noice with Tantric beliefs.

Klara Hosnedlová: Growth
Fragmented Bodies and Uncanny Futures

Don’t miss the artist’s solo show at Kunsthalle Basel, which bridges ancient history and sci-fi, tradition and innovation, through uncanny installations and embroideries.