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Ricardopassaporte metalmagazine
ArtJuly 20, 2018
A Lidl bit naughty

Charmingly crude, or just plain rude? This Lisbon-based artist’s work might be more than it outwardly seems. Pop art has had a new, cheekier makeover.

Rachellou h metalmagazine39 3
ArtJuly 18, 2018
Naïve art portraying the 21st-century girl

Scribbly crayons, sticky-outy tongues and scrawls of writing; Rachel Louise Hodgson treats her drawing as a visual diary – and you want to keep reading.

3d doublevision metalmagazine 10
ArtJuly 17, 2018
See things differently

Prepare to have your mind blown. LACMA presents a mind-bending exhibition that will challenge your visual perception and change the way you see the world.

Henrikvibskov wavelength reset metalmagazine 1
Fashion - ArtJuly 13, 2018
Defying gravity and the odds

Playing in a league of his own, the creative genius is back with a tantalising exhibition, this time in Shanghai; we managed to grab him for a quick catch-up.

Pinarviola motherearth 2 bis
ArtJuly 09, 2018
Magic digital craftswomen

This duo of digital craftswomen brings its fantasy-like inner world to the real one while expressing their critical standing point in a playful visual way.

Evio metalmagazine 1
Literature - ArtJuly 06, 2018
The hybridity of creativity

Australia-based Evi O is inspired by Japan, people and just about everything colourful. Art and publishing? Who said they have to be different anyway.

Daniel buren comme un jeu d enfant like child s play 2
ArtJuly 06, 2018
Big, great or huge?

Until July 29 and August 12, discover the two massive installations “Micro/Macro” and “Like Child’s Play” in Sydney and challenge your perception of size.

Hajimesorayama metalmagazine
ArtJuly 04, 2018
Machines with sex appeal

The phrase ‘sexy robots’ may not conjure images of fine, iconic artwork, but Nanzuka’s exhibition aims to alter this perception from July 7 to August 11.

Leahwolchin metalmagazine
ArtJuly 02, 2018
Exposing the phone-ys

Cutting to the chase, Leah Wolchin chops and pastes evidence of relatable 21st century relationship drama, creating art for the strong women of today.

Fallen fruit img 2328 traegerfototraegerfoto pt
ArtJune 26, 2018
Cultivating coexistence in Palermo

Until November 4, visit the Italian city to attend the biennial, titled “The Planetary Garden: Cultivating Coexistence”, and get lost among an artistic forest.

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