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Fashion - ArtSeptember 28, 2020
Looking at Earth in technicolor

The magic of nature is at the heart of illustrator Ruohan Wang’s new eco-friendly Nike collaboration, giving three classic designs a spring in their step.

ArtSeptember 22, 2020
Digital dreams

Continuing to challenge sexism unapologetically, the artist who plays with fruit on Instagram has moved into the digital realm and it’s just as moreish.

ArtSeptember 10, 2020
True to one’s compulsion

Meet the painter reflecting on labour, otherness, race and the commodification of the Black/Brown body while playing with humour and cheekiness.

ArtSeptember 08, 2020
Coexistence, exclusion, symbiosis and dominance

Looking at the dynamics of coexistence, dominance and exclusion, this exhibition in Lesvos (Greece) ponders on the relationship between animals and humans.

ArtSeptember 07, 2020
Femininity, honesty, incommunicability

Long ago, American filmmakers said ‘paint me like one of your French girls.’ Twenty-odd years later, Hélène Delmaire lent a hand to someone who did.

ArtSeptember 02, 2020
When past and present meet

If you’re in Venice don’t miss Fabrizio Plessi’s new video artwork in Piazza San Marco, a timeless, spectacular and luminous piece of golden waterfalls.

ArtAugust 27, 2020
How will I know you

New York-based Pakistani artist Salman Toor’s autofictional work offers the intimate view into the imagined lives of young, queer Brown men.

Art - MusicAugust 25, 2020
Play with Truth

Interested in identity anarchy, the trailblazing artist plays on a league of her own where she works equally as a poet, DJ, writer, artist and performer.

ArtAugust 20, 2020
A perfect world through collage

Hip-hop and skateboarding culture, indie films, luxury and politics all converge in the Florida-based artist’s collages, which represent his perfect world.

Art - MusicAugust 17, 2020
Reality Check

Meet the social media phenomenon blurring the line between reality and fantasy through her work, where digital retouching, Pokemon and anime go hand in hand.

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