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Fashion - Art - MusicSeptember 22, 2021
A star-studded showcase

The iconic British magazine teams up with 180 The Strand in aid for Centrepoint for what promises to be a memorable spectacle from October 9-10.

ArtSeptember 21, 2021
How to turn Barbie on her head

Meet the Amsterdam-based artist who builds transformative spaces, striking wigs and playful fashion looks as a ritual of care.

Art - MusicSeptember 15, 2021
Going hybrid

This year the festival is taking on a hybrid format, from on-site and online conferences, hackathons, debates, co-creation spaces and shows at CCCB and Ideal.

ArtSeptember 14, 2021
Conceptual worlds

This multidisciplinary artist and her KDV ensemble use dance in an intuitive way to explore narratives surrounding love, sexuality and migration.

ArtSeptember 14, 2021
Different mediums of immigration

"Internal Navigation" showcases at Praise Shadows Art Gallery until October 10th. Each work reflects the complexities of immigrating to the unknown.

ArtSeptember 10, 2021
She creates the unexpected

Thinking in images, this New York based multimedia artist uses a mixture of collaging and filmmaking to bring a surrealist perspective to the modern world.

ArtSeptember 10, 2021
Inquisitive photorealism from around the world

“Voyages” is being showcased Newport Street Gallery free for all until December 12. Each work uses photorealism to show the beauties of our world.

ArtSeptember 09, 2021
This is not a shoe

Meet the NYC based artist who recreates your favourite designer shoes as ceramic sculptures as a reflection of individual identity and consumerist culture.

ArtAugust 31, 2021
In-between spaces

With her unique integration of the world between the conscious and subconscious, artist Tatiana Trouvé takes us into her one-of-a-kind creative dimension.

ArtAugust 25, 2021
Lest we forget our freedom

Combining years of experience with the foresight of a seasoned chess master, the Polish art curator reflects on what makes a difficult age.

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