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Ericyahnker metalmagazine 2
ArtNovember 14, 2018
America 2018: idiocracy turned tragic prophecy

Read a truthful talk about dildos, dictators, and American exceptionalism before his third solo exhibition at The Hole NYC, inaugurating November 15.

Jazzelle zanaughtti by phil cassie
ArtNovember 13, 2018
Female power at its best

Held at SHOWstudio until January 31, discover the exhibition celebrating the centenary of women’s suffrage in the UK by empowering emblematic models.

Fashion - ArtNovember 13, 2018
The power of customization

The brand has added new garments to customize: cardigans, jumpers, and jackets. And artists like Isabella Cotier and Angela Deane are reinterpreting them.

Terror of beauty  beauty score analysis  2017
ArtNovember 08, 2018
Culture, identity and beauty ideals

Meet the Dutch-Moroccan artist exploring the clash between natural and artificial beauty in the digital age through hijabs and makeup vlog tutorials.

Johnstark metalmagazine 4
ArtOctober 29, 2018
Timeless myths

Meet the artist whose paintings will transport you to medieval times, present you monsters and myths, and talk about timeless themes: death, fear, or love.

Emirshiro metalmagazine 8
ArtOctober 23, 2018
To provocation through ingenuity

You will find him at the outskirts of what’s politically correct. Naughty and sharp, the designs of this French artist walk hand in hand with controversy.

Atelier de paname metalmagazine 21
Fashion - Hotspots - ArtOctober 17, 2018
A lab for the mind

Salomé Partouche and Jean Samuel Halifi founded this creative incubator in Paris, which now hosts fifteen artists and the Biennale de Paname edition 2.

Monicapiloni  metalmagazine 5
ArtOctober 11, 2018
The human body is not human anymore

If you like the uncanny, or even the dark and grotesque, you’ve found your new favourite artist. Discover how she stretches and distorts the human form.

Hgoodspeed to do
ArtOctober 09, 2018
Still trying despite everything

His cute little messages are more than just that; he's tackling mental health issues one drawing at a time, all whilst being a full-time librarian.

Arc058 matthewcraven primer press 4
Art - PhotographyOctober 02, 2018
Patterns, history and commonalities

He’s launching his first book, “Primer”, which shows how different cultures and society are more similar than not. Ready for an artistic lesson in history?

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