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ArtApril 13, 2021
A homage to the human body

This multidisciplinary artist with a background in fashion depicts the human form as never before seen through her soft sculptures titled “Squishies.”

ArtApril 12, 2021
Fiction as a fact

Working with technology is a form of expression too and this Japanese artist wants to pose questions about technological advancements on a deeper level.

ArtApril 12, 2021
Defying artistic conventions and pioneering feminism

"Structures for Life" is a compelling rainbow-coloured exhibition featuring more than 100 works by the French-American artist Niki de Saint Phalle.

ArtApril 09, 2021
Mirroring the world

The British painter unfolds an affectionate view of her influences in an attempt to soften some status symbols.

ArtApril 08, 2021
Look again

This extremely skilled multidisciplinary artist who’s originally from Jerusalem talks to us about how life in lockdown London has shaped her work.

ArtApril 08, 2021
The allusive reality

SuperRare presents a digital exploration, featuring digital artists, of the relationship between the visible and the invisible, on view until April 30.

ArtApril 07, 2021
Reframing minimalism through a postcolonial lens

The Surinamese-Dutch artist presents his exhibition “Brilliant Corners,” at Fridman Gallery until May 15, challenging the established historical art canon.

ArtApril 07, 2021
An intersection of female vulnerability and agency

She captures through her paintings female agency and empowerment paired with the struggles women have to face in modern society in fanciful landscapes.

ArtApril 06, 2021
Melancholic presence

This young aspiring artist deals with being a teenager in Russia by creating other-worldly characters that are feel distant yet hauntingly connected.

ArtApril 05, 2021
Creating her own fictional space

The French artist presents her exhibition “Soma (& liquid gear)” at Super Dakota until April 10, drawing attention to sexuality and reproduction.

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