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ArtJune 24, 2022
Defining creole art

A momentous gallery show, on view at Mariane Ibrahim Gallery in Paris until July 23, invites an open questioning of French colonial and Caribbean history.

ArtJune 17, 2022
Alien landing on the volcanic island

One month to go and everything to gain. Here's what to expect from the island soon to be teaming with progressive contemporary artists and the beating sun.

ArtJune 15, 2022
A patchwork diary

The Belgian artist opened his exhibit ‘Dark Uncles’ that celebrates his narrative tapestries that act like diary entries on show at Made van Krimpen Gallery.

Art - ActivismJune 14, 2022
Celebrating proudly

SuperRare kicks off pride month with online and physical exhibitions – open until June 15 and July 16 respectively – to celebrate LGBTQI+ artists.

ArtJune 13, 2022
What is a hero?

Taking the world by storm, the artist releases a film titled “The Hero,” with support of the Circa platform, pushing us to redefine the concept of heroism.

ArtJune 07, 2022
Privacy is radical

A Brooklyn-based oil painter explores tension and discomfort in surreal figurative art. Her subjects’ tired eyes stare out of warm-hued abstract worlds.

ArtJune 01, 2022
The magic of singularity

We enter the digital concept store showcasing art from a global network of undiscovered artisans founded by Mallorca-based Australian Dolli Taylor.

ArtMay 26, 2022
Louis Vuitton explores the limits of the canvas

The Fondation Louis Vuitton an exhibition where colour is shown as an ode to free will. Artistic norms are lost and a new artistic savoir faire comes through.

ArtMay 25, 2022
Landing in New York

The nomadic art gallery celebrates the end of its first exhibition dedicated to a single artist, Julián Chams, with a closing party on May 26 in New York.

ArtMay 24, 2022
The body as a subject

Visit the collective exhibition presented by Reiffers Art Initiatives Foundation with the support of Gucci, at Studio des Acacias in Paris, until 28 May.

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