Las Cicadas: John Fou, Nicolas Momein & Romain Sarrot
Paradise Found

The transformative power of Las Cicadas Residency: three artists share their experiences amidst a blend of Balearean nature and artistic camaraderie.

The Art of Dreams

With an artistic approach to the symbolic elements of the German automobile manufacturer, a new opportunity to dive into our dreams through art is here.

Culture Week Tbilisi 2024
Promoting cross-cultural understanding

After a successful first edition, the Georgian interdisciplinary platform is set to make its highly anticipated return for its 2nd edition from May 9 to 12.

Jumoke Fernandez
Writing the Next Chapter on Art

Jumoke Fernandez is a digital artist directing a new generation of creatives who embrace the advancing technologies changing creative landscapes globally, namely AI.

Marie Zechiel
When the Body Simply Talks

Directly from Berlin, we interview the movement director and physical narrator about her new work “Skalae,” a video that we’re premiering today. Don’t miss it!

Jean Jullien
Painting Little Windows of Escapism

Don’t miss the artist’s new solo show where he weighs in on the pros and cons of urban life. Today we discuss art as escapism, open-air activities, and the Olympics.

Jame St Findlay
Objects of Profane Illumination

What is the buoy to the passerby? For this artist, it is an illuminated object, separating form from function, the artist became entranced by its gentle curving entasis.

(La)Horde: The Age of Content
Dance Fever

Delve into the magic and tension of rehearsals while the renowned dance collective practice their new show through the sneaky snapshots taken by photographer Edrien Guillermo.

Stephanie Comilang
In Search of Home

From pineapples to butterflies to Filipino seafarers, Stephanie’s new exhibition parallels objects, nature and humanity to examine a universal migration.

Shangkai Kevin Yu
A Reflection Within a Reflection

The artist’s solo show at Berlin’s Future Gallery creates a meta narrative to consider other perspectives through mundane objects like toothbrushes, coatracks, and chairs.