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Boyfriendmaterial mm
ArtSeptember 25, 2018
Stuck in the ‘80s

He pokes fun at quirky people in absurd situations who seem to be stuck in the ‘80s. But that’s just all in good fun; he sees the sweetness in everything.

Artbabygirl metalmagazine
ArtSeptember 21, 2018
Heartfelt-tip pen

Meet Grace Miceli, a pastel colour loving, satirical illustrator and all-round cool girl. Although you probably already follow her on Instagram.

Martinbriceljbaraga metalmagazine 23
ArtSeptember 18, 2018
Awake installations

Are you conscious of what is happening around you? In a raw and interactive way, this artist’s installations will confront you with the world you live in.

Alanrath metalmagazine
ArtSeptember 11, 2018
Are we really here?

Technology might seem new age, but as he points out with his technologically complex art, reading and writing were once viewed with scepticism too.

Tishk barzanji
ArtSeptember 07, 2018
Moody sunsets and surrealist buildings

Capable of finding great comfort somewhere among the chaos, this Kurdish artist explores space, colour and texture through idyllic dazzling paradises.

Alexfoxton metalmagazine
ArtSeptember 04, 2018
Fashion, painting, and masculinity

Despite switching fabrics and busy runways for brushes and palettes, the artist and fashion designer is actually doing the same: exploring the male image.

Louisezhang metalmagazine
ArtAugust 30, 2018
Fantasy and anxiety

Meet the Chinese-Australian emerging artist who’s challenging the notions of beauty and ugliness one pastel-coloured, gooey slime sculpture at a time.

ArtAugust 28, 2018
Memorising objects and spaces

How can we interpret a world that we cannot understand? Alice Anderson suggests that we memorize our surroundings, taking in the vastness of our world.

Ams echelman photojanusvandeneijnden 13 edit
ArtAugust 27, 2018
Controlled by the wind

Never before has a feat of engineering looked so beautiful. Drawing inspiration from simple crafts, this artist has created an entirely new form of sculpture.

Chloebertron metalmagazine 4
ArtAugust 24, 2018
Illustrating flowers and wallflowers

Rich with bright hues, charming characters and peculiar landscapes; the whimsical work of illustrator Chloé Bertron is beautiful, surreal and very personal.

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