Fancy Feast Supper Club
Where the Cool Kids Go on Summer Nights

Leah Guadagnoli’s impeccable aesthetic eye and refined palate marry a menú de degustación with an atmospheric Zion, creating an experience that can only be described as sublime.

Louis Vuitton City Guides: Barcelona
A Wealth of Contrast

In the Maison's latest guide, Barcelona shows its true proteiform colours, proving that in this major city, there truly is something for everyone.

Joana Vasconcelos at Dior Lisbon
Animal Extravaganza

The boutique sets the artist’s inventive yet elegant animal creatures next to its fashion pieces—a delicate symbiosis of art and Haute Couture.

The Standard Ibiza
Summer view

Temperatures are rising, and the need for good rest is only increasing. With the relaunch of their rooftop, Up, The Standard opens the doors of Ibiza to us.

Magazzini Fotografici
A Soul Space

Enriching and nurturing art and culture for supporting sustainable tourism and emerging artists in one of the biggest, most visited Italian cities, Naples.

Las Cicadas: John Fou, Nicolas Momein & Romain Sarrot
Paradise Found

The transformative power of Las Cicadas Residency: three artists share their experiences amidst a blend of Balearean nature and artistic camaraderie.

Cinque Studio
A tribute to Italian cuisine

Let’s explore the new Italian culinary destination in Switzerland, crafted by Chef Antonio Satta. Where? In the luxurious lifestyle hotel FIVE Zurich.

Alluring Tastes of New Northern Stars

We catch up with Vietnamese-Swedish chef Pi Thanh Lé, whose two-Michelin-star restaurant AIRA is elevating the game in Stockholm while reaching for its third star.

FIVE Zurich
The best of both worlds

Being a culinary and party hotspot, the Swiss luxury lifestyle hotel offers a contemporary experience cared for in detail with a unique identity

Café Fleurs by Jacquemus
Seoul turns into Bambinou

Grab a coffee, buy a bouquet of flowers, or get your hands on the latest “Le Chouchou” pieces at the designer’s latest pop-up café/store in South Korea.