A few days ago, we told you about our experience at FIVE Zurich in this article, a luxurious lifestyle hotel in a unique location committed to revolutionising the five-star experience as we know it through a wide range of leisure, music, and gastronomy offers. Today we look at one of its most acclaimed restaurants, turned into one of the new Italian culinary destinations in the Swiss city: Cinque Studio. This project, crafted by Chef Antonio Satta, vindicates the classics of what is one of the best-known cuisines in the world through products of the highest quality and authentic flavours.
With a background enriched by experiences at renowned restaurants such as Cinque Dubai and Michelin-starred Armani Ristorante, Chef Satta brings the essence of Italian cuisine to this restaurant, where there is no shortage of the freshest Mediterranean seafood, such as Sicilian red prawns and Balfegó tuna, and the highest-quality ingredients drawn from the Swiss natural landscape. The dining experience is offered in a welcoming atmosphere, including a Private Dining Room for special occasions and a terrace that showcases the stunning Zurich skyline.
If we delve into the menu offered by Cinque Studio, we find essential dishes of the most authentic Italian cuisine, such as lasagna, pasta carbonara, or parmigiana di melanzane. These traditional flavours connect us with Italy, being complemented by a diverse selection of dishes inspired by the Swiss surroundings, featuring Fassona beef carpaccio, Castelmagno cheese-filled bottoni pasta, and wild mushroom risotto.
Before moving on to the main dishes, where we also find a careful selection of meat and fish, we recommend starting with some antipasti such as the tomato bruschetta, the emblematic vitello tonnato, or the insalata Cinque, to which you can add grilled chicken breast, salmon, or grilled halloumi cheese. If you are a fan of oysters, you should try them here. They’re served with chives, pickled shallots, and a Granny Smith apple with freshly squeezed lemon juice.
From the wild mushroom risotto to the wagyu fettucine, the whole menu keeps the authentic flavour of the products. Once you get to the desserts, you can choose between the Italian classic tiramisu or a delicious Toblerone soufflé paired with pistachio ice cream, among many other options. A perfect finishing touch to a ten-star gastronomic experience. On March 31, Cinque Studio will be offering a 5-course culinary journey under the name Pasqua all'italiana. As they say, it will be a celebration for all ages, blending fun, tradition, and Italian cuisine in perfect harmony. You can book it here!