Sasha Velour
Behind The Big Reveal

Sasha Velour isn’t just writing the history of drag, she’s making it. This iconic drag queen chats with us about her world tour and all things Velour.

Omar Rudberg
Spicy With a Hint of Sweetness

You might know him from Netflix’s “Young Royals” or his top-charting hit “Mi Casa Su Casa,” but today we speak with him as he launches his brand OMR Beauty.

Catalina Sartor
Beyond Metallic Tones and Foxy Eyes

The Argentine MUAH and FX artist masters the secrets of that distinct '90s dark feminine energy that has enthralled artists such as Arca and Sevdaliza.

Manifest Beauty
Luxurious, ethical, and empowering

Lip-pumping, and vegan, Manifest Beauty offers a guilt-free experience for beauty lovers who want to make conscious choices without compromising on luxury.

Pushing Boundaries Through Glamour

Before her performance in Barcelona, we get together with drag royalty and Paris Hilton impersonator to discuss astrology, makeup trends, and trans rights.

Loewe Perfumes
The Emotions Awakened by Nature

Úrsula Corberó, Greta Lee, and Stéphane Bak join the Botanical Rainbow 2023 campaign, a fusion of perfumes and nature introducing new fragrances.

Perú: New Faces
La belleza tiene nombres

Nos transportamos a las calles de Lima con el fotógrafo Diego Bendezu para descubrir ocho modelos que están cambiando el concepto de belleza en Perú.

Metal Nº 48 - Story 4
Silvana Trevale & Enea Palmeto

Eszter Magyar
The aesthetics of identity

An exploration of art, makeup, and social criticism in a transformative visual journey, displayed through social media that encompasses its tumultuous nature.

Creating, exploring, and taking up space

London-based makeup artist Myla talks about self-expression through makeup and personal style and BIPOC and queer representation in the beauty industry.