Not Just Reasonable

Drawing on internal influences, Rejoicer is at the head of downtempo music – creating jazz-hip-hop-funk fusions in his new album “This is Reasonable”.

Rocking Out From the Underground

We speak with the London-based rock band about their new EP, “Dissolve,” a culmination of years of effort crafting their sound and voice.

Angelina Mango
Boredom Begone

Singing of the troubles and joys of young adulthood, the 23-year-old singer-songwriter brings the warmth of Italian summer everywhere she goes.

DJ Gigola
Battery on Full

Dynamic and savvy, the Berliner just played Berghain yet again. Between festival sets she took a moment to reflect on the important things: cheap nights out and 00s Prada.

Lo invisible, espiritual y desconocido

“Es cambiante, transita muchas lenguas, emociones, decisiones vocales y estéticas sonoras”. Así describe la cantante su nuevo álbum, “Muérdago”, un trabajo misterioso e hipnotizante.

Amnesia Scanner & Freeka Tet
Do You Ever Feel Like a Plastic Bag?

Artist, programmer and technologist Freeka Tet collaborates with the Berlin-based Finnish duo Amnesia Scanner on a music video for the online generation questioning our reality.

A Melodic Representation Of Queer Identity

Recorded with a webcam in his room, the artist shows us his most intimate side to date with “Forever Young,” his newest single and music video, out today.

Brunch Electronik Festival 2024
Alegría y compromiso

Tres días, tres localizaciones y nueve escenarios. En cartel: Black Coffee, Jayda G, Polo & Pan, The Blaze, Helena Hauff y más. Todos los detalles, aquí.

Lola Young
A Londoner and Her Lyrics

Speaking on her newest release, her rise towards musical success, and challenging songwriting themes, the Brit joins us for an honest conversation.

Derek Simpson
Something to play with

The artist continues with his weekly releases ahead of his new album, and this time the turn is for a witty but realistic song about being someone's "Boytoy."