Living in Denial

“It’s not real if I don’t hear it,” the UK singer says in her new single, “Don’t Make A Sound,” where she wants to avoid getting hurt by denying reality. And can you blame here? We’ve all been there.

Jame St Findlay
Objects of Profane Illumination

What is the buoy to the passerby? For this artist, it is an illuminated object, separating form from function, the artist became entranced by its gentle curving entasis.

Alejo Levis
El odio como arma, la reconciliación como esperanza

Tras su paso por el festival D’A, hoy se estrena en cines el film “Hate Songs”, centrada en la radio ruandesa que propagó el exterminio de los tutsis. Pero eso es solo el marco. Conoce la historia.

Chance Peña
Your Worst Enemy Is Yourself

After two sold-out tours across Europe and the US, and continuing on his viral success, the Texas-born singer-songwriter is back with a new single, “The Mountain Is You.”

La oscuridad en el oro

En su debut en las pasarelas de 080 Barcelona Fashion, Velásquez presenta una colección donde el trasfondo social del lugar que lo vio nacer es el protagonista.