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Alanwarburton metalmagazine 2
Art - DesignMay 21, 2018
Art without limits

Working on the intersection of art and computer generated imagery, the British artist found a way to create things he could never make in the real world.

Offf valleeduhamel 08
Design - FilmMay 10, 2018
Twisted realities

Julien Valleé and Eve Duhamel come from different backgrounds and found out how their skills could compliment. Now they’re an unstoppable duo of creators.

Loewecraftprizeexhibition metalmagazine 1
DesignMay 04, 2018
Craftsmanship is not dead

The work of this year’s winner, Jennifer Lee, which celebrates the timelessness of the art of craft, is on view at the Design Museum in London until June 17.

Brian thoreen metalmagazine 12
DesignApril 30, 2018
The spaces in-between

Originally from Los Angeles, the designer has now relocated to Mexico City, where he’s developing a new series of glass works that will blow your mind.

Ghost story
Design - FilmApril 26, 2018
Our top 5

If you’re interested in design, architecture, urban planning, and how all of these affect our everyday lives, visit the Benaki Museum from April 27 to 29.

Fadxmazda adbusters fotos 18
DesignApril 24, 2018
Creativity has to be dangerous

We must fight capitalism, big corporations, and corrupt governments. How? The creative director of Adbusters, a guerrilla platform, gives us some clues.

 mg 2382
DesignApril 17, 2018
Conscious design with a twist

Being in their thirties, David Vivrido and Francesco Sourigues have discovered there are no lifestyle products they like, so they’ve created their own.

Matthewschreiber metalmagazine 13
Art - DesignApril 12, 2018
A solid laser illusion

The light master’s work may assemble a sci-fi movie or a computer simulation but it’s actually something solid that you can feel. The illusion becomes real.

Hopetonope metalmagazine 13
DesignMarch 27, 2018
Power to the people

From memes to protests, discover how graphic design has been getting stronger as a political weapon. On view from March 28 at The Design Museum in London.

2001 sonar
Design - MusicMarch 22, 2018
Tracing its visual identity

Inaugurating on May 24 in L’Hospitalet, the exhibition “No Flyers No Posters” will exhibit all the unique – even weird – campaigns of the music festival.

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