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Beauty - Art - ActivismSeptember 13, 2022
Beyond the nail bed

The transdisciplinary artist discusses the beauty and empowerment of nails, as well as her experience with using art to speak on her Asian identity.

Film - ActivismSeptember 07, 2022
This is for girls only

The Finnish director talks about her latest feature “Girl Picture,” which centres around three young girls navigating love, relationships, and intimacy.

Photography - ActivismSeptember 06, 2022
Photographing queer experiences

The New York City-based 19-year-old artist seeks to express himself and use photography to help others do the same. His blazing career has only just begun.

Fashion - ActivismSeptember 02, 2022
The fashion sustainability of the future

We talked to the co-founder of Fashion Revolution to find out all the details of the new edition of Estethica x BFW, from September 3 to 7 in Berlin.

Photography - ActivismAugust 30, 2022
We need to act now

Twenty-eight arts organisations from around the world band together to document their local weather, giving us a new perspective to climate change.

Mags - Art - ActivismAugust 25, 2022
A space for underrepresented artists

With queerness and creativity at its chore, the zine’s new four-part print project exposes the vibrant underground cultures of Leipzig, Kyiv and Glasgow.

Music - ActivismJuly 26, 2022
Making mistakes and embracing chaos

The DJ’s latest track “What Has Berlin Done To Me?” gives insight into how her seminal relocation from Brazil to Berlin has influenced her creative process.

ActivismJune 22, 2022
Fighting for freedom

“Pride is not available in your region” is a video that explores the lives of young Ukrainian queer people fighting for their nation and their futures.

Fashion - ActivismJune 20, 2022
Dream a better dream

For Pride Month, Kai-Isaiah Jamal, the trans activist and poet is premiering a poem that will be displayed in all of the brand’s stores in Spain.

Art - ActivismJune 14, 2022
Celebrating proudly

SuperRare kicks off pride month with online and physical exhibitions – open until June 15 and July 16 respectively – to celebrate LGBTQI+ artists.

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