Nora El Hourch
Power to the Pussy

A sexual assault, a viral video, and a shared movement - these are the three essential components of "HLM Pussy”, and we had the pleasure of interviewing its director.

Stephanie Comilang
In Search of Home

From pineapples to butterflies to Filipino seafarers, Stephanie’s new exhibition parallels objects, nature and humanity to examine a universal migration.

Joker: Folie à Deux
Love Is Blind… and Crazy

Yes, baby, your favourite villains are back: the Joker and Harley Quinn will take the world by storm on October 5th. In the meantime, watch the new official trailer!

The Bloody Price of Fame

Horror film fans, A24 devotees, and Mia Goth lovers, rejoice! The film company has finally shared the official trailer of the film, which closes Ti West’s blood-soaked trilogy.

Sunny Liu
Voicing the Marginalised

Sunny Liu’s “Pianoman” tells the story of an undocumented immigrant following his dream of piano restoration and the challenges he faces along the way.


With the release of their new cinematic piece, "Decades of Confusion", the house is begging us to learn how to spell their name. And yes, there's a W in there.

Sheyi Cole
Humanity over Circumstance

Anticipating the release of his new film, “The Beautiful Game”, Sheyi Cole shares his 2024 highlights and some favourite moments of working on Thea Sharrock’s project.

Robert Ouyang Rusli
Brooklynite maestro evokes a Monument to Possibilities

Enter the surreal universe of “Problemista” with this composer's modern score, a whimsical yet haunting narrative deconstructing the absurdity of capitalist bureaucracy.

Kat Anderson
A Kind of Ancestral Inheritance

We chatted with the artist, filmmaker and East London Art Prize winner on the occasion of her solo show, “Mark of Cane”, on at London’s Nunnery Gallery until April 21st.

Conero Film + Adv 2024
Film Submissions are Open

If you’re a filmmaker (or know of one), this is for you. The Italian festival is open for submissions until July 23rd, so don’t miss the chance of presenting your project to the world.