Top 10 Vampire Movies
Get Ready This Summer While You Wait for “Nosferatu”

While you wait for Robert Eggers’ “Nosferatu”, here are our top picks to get yourself reacquainted with vampires, or, if you're a die-hard fan, to discover something new from your favourite genre.

Succumb to the Darkness

With a star-studded cast including Lily-Rose Depp, Bill Skarsgård, Willem Dafoe, and Nicholas Hoult, the new movie by Robert Eggers promises to be dark, bewitching, and horrifying.

Conero Film + Adv 2024
Announces This Edition’s Jury Members

Submit your film at the festival, you have until July 23rd! If you need more motivation, you should know that the jury includes twenty prestigious professionals.

Beetlejuice Beetlejuice
Winona Forever and Ever

The funniest ghost by Tim Burton is back to terrorising the Deetz family. Expect horror, laughter, and an all-star cast.

Aleksandra Kingo
Nothing Tastes as Good as Procrastinating Feels

If you’ve ever procrastinated (you’re probably doing it now), this one is for you. The filmmaker portrays an absurd, quirky story about postponing stuff.

Yang Fudong
Reality and Myth in Architectural Filmmaking

Renowned Chinese artist, Yang Fudong’s latest work is an architectural film that fuses Hong Kong’s urban reality and Fudong’s dreamlike visions.

Poetry in Film

Society’s victims, male cowardice and an introduction to rock: we speak to poly-artist Baloji about his award-winning debut feature film, “Augure (Omen)”.

Eve Austin
Where Will the Music Take Us?

The actress’ lust for life found a home in her “This Town” character; her Midlands roots, love of music, and miscellaneous hobbies are Jeannie through and through.

Nora El Hourch
Power to the Pussy

A sexual assault, a viral video, and a shared movement - these are the three essential components of "HLM Pussy”, and we had the pleasure of interviewing its director.

Stephanie Comilang
In Search of Home

From pineapples to butterflies to Filipino seafarers, Stephanie’s new exhibition parallels objects, nature and humanity to examine a universal migration.