FIVE Zurich
The best of both worlds

Being a culinary and party hotspot, the Swiss luxury lifestyle hotel offers a contemporary experience cared for in detail with a unique identity

Embarking on elegance
A guide to choosing the perfect luxury cruise

Ponant Cruises offers luxury cruises and expeditions with an intimate and elegant atmosphere that will take you to the most beautiful locations.

Adagio Aparthotel
The city made easy

What could be better than arriving in a place that feels like home when you travel and enjoying a level of service you are not used to?

Chelsea Hotel
Luxury amongst legends

Once home of the likes of Dylan Thomas, Mark Twain, Leonard Cohen, after 11 years closed for restoration last spring re-opened as a luxury boutique hotel.

El Silencio Ibiza
The new creative oasis

10 years after launching Silencio in Paris, Arnaud Frisch's newest project combines art, music and food at Cala Molí, at the island's west coast.

Maayan Zilberman
When candy becomes art

If you like sweets, you’ll love Sweet Saba, a company that creates unique and arty hand-made candy in the shape of lipsticks, rings, and precious gems.

Guy Morley
The Kailani lifestyle

A lover of the sea and the beach, he left his career as a lawyer in London and is currently based in Barcelona working on Kailani, his healthy ice tea brand.

Chris Glass
Creative minds, welcome to Soho House

A place and an attitude. It fees like home, even if you’re away from home. It's about inclusion and celebrating the creative spirit. Do you want to join?

Naked Cafe

We talk to Lewis, owner of Grams, about honest food, the importance of affordability and the relationship between social media and cafe culture.

Porter & Sail
Empowering smarter hotels

Inspired by old-fashioned concierge type, Porter & Sail creates customized 24/7 experience and takes those functions of the digital city guide to a new level.