What could be better than arriving in a place that feels like home when you travel and enjoying a level of service you are not used to? In recent years, we have acquired a new perception of freedom. Just getting out of our comfort zone, visiting new places, and entering into realities different from our own is a source of joy and emotion, and we are valuing with greater awareness what it means to travel. Accommodation is one of those steps to fulfill in order to fully enjoy the experience, and with Adagio, this requirement becomes a pleasure thanks to their innovative and wide range of aparthotels, attention, independence, care, and comfort. This year they celebrate their 15th anniversary, and we celebrate it with them.

Talking about how busy and stressful life is in our society seems cliché and almost redundant. Both I, who am writing this, and you, who are reading it, know that, whatever the place, the social level, or the occupation, for all of us, it is a challenge to get out of bed every day and go out into the outside world, where we already know what awaits us: the routine and the daily complications. When we travel, be it for holidays, work, or a simple adventure, the motivation to change the scenery, replace the usual view from our window with a new one, and enter an unknown reality is exciting and revitalising. In these cases, we will get up from a new bed, different from our own, and the day ahead of us depends largely on the night that precedes it, on how we rest, and on how comfortable our provisional home is. Adagio Aparthotel understands this need for comfort and offers spacious and fully equipped apartments that feel like a home away from home. Whether you're traveling alone or with family, Adagio Aparthotel is the perfect choice to make your stay more comfortable and relaxing.

Accommodations turn out to be one of the biggest focuses of attention when visiting a new city; finding the perfect place involves a myriad of factors and details, including price, location, comfort, space, and availability. It is a task that leaves us needing a holiday from the holiday. But out of so many variants, the key points that most people agree on are that: a central location is vital to make the most of the experience and to make the most of the time exploring rather than wasting it on transportation; we want the privacy and independence we are used to in our homes; but we also want the attention and comfort of staying in a place we don't have to take full responsibility for; and we want to experience the city as if we were locals, to blend into the atmosphere, to live the streets as the locals do. That's where Adagio come in – they provide the perfect blend of comfort and convenience that makes city life more beautiful. With their central locations, fully equipped apartments, and dedicated staff, Adagio Aparthotel allows you to experience the city like a local, without sacrificing your privacy and independence. Being in a city different from our own and having the peace of mind of returning every night to a place that implies total rest and not additional stress guarantees being able to live the experience differently, one in which the cities stop being stressful masses of concrete and become a new world that opens its doors to us.

The hours it can take to find an accommodation option that meets our detailed list of specifications are reduced to zero by learning just one word, Adagio. Fifteen years since the birth of this accommodation alternative, created with the purpose of combining the best of two worlds with a wide range of aparthotels with a rapid expansion mainly in Europe, Italy, German, France, England to name just few countries, but also in the rest of the world, they have already landed in the Middle East and even in Latin America. To celebrate this important date, Adagio presents a well-deserved rebranding in which both the colour palette and the general aesthetic and identity adapt to the modern, friendly, vibrant, and easy philosophy of the brand, maintaining all its services: 24-hour reception, laundry, breakfast, and fully equipped kitchens. With the three different stay options offered – Access, Original and Premium – Adagio guarantees a wide offer for a very broad families, city breakers, or business travelers, and the new proposal that is already being implemented in Paris with great success—coliving, in which you share a flat with a large common area with a kitchen, and where each person has their own room with their own bathroom – from 4 to 6 bedrooms. Adagio promises to expand beyond the French borders.

For Adagio, it is vital to achieve a real and genuine relationship with the guests, to really understand their needs, and to be able to meet them in the most personalised and closest possible way, you can come to Adagio Aparthotel for a few days, a few weeks, a few months. That is why the use of technology is relegated to situations in which it represents an environmental benefit or an agility of processes, never replacing the human contact or the smile that welcomes us when we arrive at our accommodation. All these details make it a platform that makes manifest its love for the cities, for its clients, and for creating a connection that benefits all parties.

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