Constantin Prozorov
Artistry in Motion

A new dimension of visual language, inviting viewers to escape from the monotony of daily life. Prozorov’s work breathes life into the meaning of collage.

Forecast Forum
The Great Minds of Tomorrow

Budding artists chosen by a selection of mentors will have the chance to develop their ideas, and some will get to present them at Forecast next year.

Sofia Laskari
A Show of Honesty

Female figures lined the walls of London’s Saatchi Gallery in the artist’s first solo exhibit, mastering a broad display of emotional and corporeal complexity.

Ai Weiwei: Neither Nor
The Masters are Bricking it

The unmissable “Neither Nor” exhibition is running at Galleria Continua in San Gimignano, Italy until 1st September. The Chinese artist’s innovative approach to classics in lego provokes a reaction.

Pino Pascali
The Showman

A commemorative exhibit at Fondazione Prada, put together by Mark Godefry, does justice to a legend. His strategy? Taking cues from the legend himself.

Festival Z 2024
Larga vida al talento joven

Del 11 al 14 de julio, Girona y Salt se convierten en el epicentro de las artes escénicas creadas por y dirigidas a los menores de treinta años, con piezas sobre racismo, identidad intergeneracional y danza contemporánea.

Jack Pierson’s exhibition at Lisson Gallery London
The Journey of Human Nature

Wanderlust, love, connection, nostalgia, desire and sadness — human nature is a fickle thing. The artist explores all of these topics in his new solo show, on view through August 3rd.

Keith Mayerson
Art History Meets Kermit the Frog

In his latest exhibit at Karma LA, the artist explores the complex and amorphous American Dream. With METAL, he chats cartoon characters and extraterrestrials.

Maren Karlson
Fragmented Factory

Unconventional compositions of cogs, machinery and metals populate Karlson’s second solo show, exploring images of systems out of balance based on an East German Factory.

Ex Abrupto 2024
La violencia en el arte

Este 5 y 6 de julio las calles de Moià se inundan de arte y música por novena vez con Ex Abrupto, donde entre performances se reflexiona sobre la violencia.