We don't need Louis Vuitton to tell us that Barcelona is special, but it certainly doesn't hurt. In honour of the 37th Louis Vuitton America's Cup, hosted this year in Barcelona, the Maison will release a comprehensive city guide on the 23rd of August. Don't let the adorable textured green cover of the book fool you; it's a behemoth 350-destination travel book that gives Lonely Planet a run for its money.
The Maison tapped Sergio Caballero, co-founder of the Sónar festival, to bring a playful and unique take on the much-travelled city. He seeks to highlight Barcelona’s contrasts and diversity: a characteristic of any great city. There are references to the several faces of the city — soccer stadiums, electronic music, tapas bars, and nightclubs, but also contemporary art hubs, flamenco, open-air markets, and street flea markets. A previously unpublished series of photos by Pascal Aimar breathe life into Caballero's picks and highlight the rich cultural resources of the “rebellious Catalan destination.”
Louis Vuitton’s collections are often a predictor of what’s to come, a quality it attributes to “keeping a pulse on the heart of today's cities.” With this latest city guide, Barcelona joins the likes of Paris, New York, London, and Tokyo as part of the Maison’s ongoing effort to feature the world's most exciting metropolises.