More and more people are talking about FIVE Zurich, now dubbed the hottest dining and nightlife destination in Switzerland. The luxurious lifestyle hotel set upon the famous Uetliberg Mountain has generated a lot of buzz, offering a unique atmosphere and breathtaking views that leave no one indifferent. That’s why two weeks ago we travelled to experience first-hand this hotel that emerged from a revolutionary concept in which luxury and well-being are intermingled with a complete range of entertainment experiences, an extensive and qualitative gastronomic offer, and parties that put the finishing touch on a day of maximum enjoyment.
Offering a different experience and moving away from the classic concept of a 5-star hotel, FIVE Zurich has managed to get the attention of a demanding national and international public since it opened its doors, eager to try new things. Not compromising on the best services and in accordance with the attention to detail that a hotel of these characteristics implies, this project aims to bet on a broader concept of enjoyment and well-being that responds to all needs, all in just one place! The countless options it offers are one of the main strengths of this hotel.
Before delving into our experience at FIVE Zurich, let’s take a moment to analyse the formula that FIVE Hotels and Resorts has shaped. Its DNA is present in all its hotels, which is key to the success of this project that continues to gain followers and, more importantly, makes those who try it want to repeat it. FIVE Hotels and Resorts, which includes the hottest destinations in Dubai—the unrivalled FIVE Palm Jumeirah and the uber-cool FIVE Jumeirah Village—celebrate entertainment from its different prisms through a contemporary vision updated for new times.
It offers a deluxe experience, of course, but its way of understanding luxury goes further beyond the concept; it also implies music, dance, and social interaction. We are looking at the renewed version of the luxurious lifestyle hotel, which now seems to have found in Zurich a perfect destination where guests from different parts of the world go to live this experience that more and more people are talking about. 
FIVE Zurich boasts multiple international award-winning restaurants, a rooftop nightclub, and a buzzing outdoor social pool. Being a party and culinary hotspot, paying special attention to sustainability and the efficient use of resources in all its activities, the hotel offers different menus and gastronomic proposals in restaurants with their own identity. A journey to the heart of five continents that we can experience in just one place. Sounds good, doesn’t it?
From breakfast, which includes options for all tastes, to lunch at The Vault, where you can choose from a wide variety of dishes, there is no shortage of classics. We cannot overlook its eclectic wine bar, which proudly houses Zurich’s most versatile selection of Swiss wines. For dinner, you cannot miss a visit to what has already become one of the great Italian culinary destinations in Zurich, crafted by Chef Antonio Satta, featuring the freshest Mediterranean seafood such as Sicilian red prawns and Balfegó tuna: Cinque Studio. Seasonal products, essential dishes of traditional Italian cuisine, and perfect decor make this experience a must.
If you like having a good conversation while having some drinks and enjoying the best global street food, Soul St. Zurich is your place. Here we find one of the areas with the most energy and colour in the entire hotel. The epicentre of nighttime activity at FIVE Zurich is undoubtedly The Penthouse, where Japanese cuisine embraces a carefully curated gastronomic offer with a notable contemporary touch. This is one of the hotel's biggest attractions, inviting all its visitors to enjoy the evening with music blasting all around. International DJs come together in The Club at The Penthouse until late at night, a very complete experience.
As you can imagine, FIVE Zurich has a spa, ReFIVE Spa, which responds to your needs by being the perfect urban wellness retreat. The state of relaxation is emphasised thanks to the verdant views that you can enjoy from the different spaces of the hotel, including, of course, the luxurious suites and suite-sized lifestyle rooms.
It is impossible to get bored in this hotel, where each place has its own essence, but, despite the differences, everything is part of a common project with a coherence that is updated to today’s needs. A vision of contemporary luxury that integrates a wide gastronomic and entertainment offer suitable for all tastes, which promises to continue expanding to other destinations very soon.