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Louis gabriel nouchi metalmagazine 2
FashionApril 19, 2019
Or how to found fashion on literature

Comfort and elegance. Knitting and tailoring. A bit of bad taste but always ending up with a chic silhouette. Meet the designer behind his eponymous brand.

Signe fuglesteg luksengard metalmagazine 9
Fashion - EditorialApril 18, 2019
Signe Fuglesteg LuksengardSunniva Hartgen

Chusuwannapha metalmagazine 12
FashionApril 17, 2019
The prince of prints

Thai fashion designer Chu Suwannapha has taken Cape Town (South Africa) by storm through his bold, striking African prints with an Asian flavour.

Yuji watanabe metalmagazine 5
Fashion - EditorialApril 16, 2019
Yuji WatanabeShohei Kashima

Coco capitan x camper metalmagazine 1
FashionApril 15, 2019
An ode to the Mediterranean Sea

The Majorcan shoe brand has just premiered a collaboration with the young Spanish artist Coco Capitán on The Lost Sailor Shoe, presented in Milan April 11.

Danshan aw19 dexter lander
FashionApril 11, 2019
An alternative masculinity

With fashion as their tool, this design duo, Danxia Liu and Shan Peng, is working to create a progressive space to change society’s perception of masculinity.

Gucci sunglasses metalmagazine 6
FashionApril 11, 2019
Wherever the blow winds

In a striking new campaign featuring fashionably dressed hitchhikers, the Italian house presents its newest collection of oversized, vintage-inspired frames.

Catharinapavitschitz 10
Fashion - EditorialApril 11, 2019
Catharina PavitschitzKat Ambroziak

Faith oluwajimi by robert matuluko ii
FashionApril 09, 2019
Unwalked paths

Designer Faith Oluwajimi is behind this androgynous Nigerian brand whose aim is to give visibility to the new gender standards through unique pieces.

Ottavia delambrinie metalmagazine 9
Fashion - EditorialApril 09, 2019
Ottavia Di LeoFrancesco Migliaccio

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