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PhotographyMay 29, 2020
Healing through art

The Australia-based creative duo copes with the incalculable loss of the bushfires through a series of heartbreaking photographs and short texts.

PhotographyMay 20, 2020
A beautiful accident

Meet the photographer documenting Latin America’s transgender community through his project “Proud Humans”, a series about resilience, strength and beauty.

Art - PhotographyMay 19, 2020
Selfies by artists

Tired of taking selfies and using every face filter under the sun? Check this online exhibition by Christine König gallery exploring artists’ self-portraits.

PhotographyMay 18, 2020
Intuition and feeling

Through his intimate portraits of Korean guys, Lindsay captures male vulnerability and redefines masculinity. Discover his poetic project “Boys of Seoul”.

PhotographyMay 13, 2020
A visual essay on American white privilege

“Silence around class and inequality fascinated me”. Meet the LA-based photographer exploring how whiteness and wealth are sustained and broadcast in the US.

PhotographyMay 08, 2020
Intimacy through documentary

If you’ve never heard of pigeon breeding, now you do. And through Fergus’ series, you’ll discover a world you may have missed otherwise and end up liking.

PhotographyMay 05, 2020
Common feeling, different messages

Born as a testimony of a non-existent present, the photographer’s project “Il Mondo Fuori” analyzes how we’re perceiving reality through TV with his art.

PhotographyMay 04, 2020
Celebrating queer photographers

Brighten up your day with beauty and art. The editor and gallerist is about to publish “Boys! Boys! Boys!”, celebrating queer photo-artists and culture.

PhotographyApril 27, 2020
Welcome to the underground

Ready to delve into the world of the forbidden? Take a look at his highly contrasted images of sex, bondage, and late night escapes to the underground world.

PhotographyApril 21, 2020
Connecting the dots

Photography helps the South African artist make sense of the world, and through his work, he explores space and the relationship we establish with it.

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