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Capsulated by djeneba aduayom
PhotographyNovember 09, 2018
An artist untethered

Drawing from her rich artistic background, Djeneba Aduayom masterfully blends balance, motion, and design to create eye-catching portraiture photography.

Alexandermourant metalmagazine 19
PhotographyNovember 06, 2018
Materiality and metaphysics

Drawn to the friction between our interior and exterior worlds, the British photographer takes us to Japan’s ancestral forests through a blue world.

Joshuaaronson metalmagazine 11
PhotographyOctober 25, 2018
An examination of body hair

“With Mine Dyed Blue”, inaugurating on October 27, is the artist’s first solo show and questions the nature of subcultures by attempting to create his own.

Casper faassen metalmagazine 7
PhotographyOctober 24, 2018
Adding elements of time

Artist Casper Faassen imbues decay with purpose, creating achingly beautiful works that depict the melancholy transience of media and method.

Laurencephilomene metalmagazine 14
PhotographyOctober 19, 2018
Queerness, identity and representation

Don’t be fooled by the pastel colours: they are everything but naïve. A true artivist, the photographer captures the beauty of non-binary people and themself.

Andrasladocs metalmagazine 4
PhotographyOctober 16, 2018
Seeking truth

Emerging photographer and New Vanguard semifinalist András Ladosci rejects insincerity in favour of connection with an unflinchingly honest gaze.

Elsa leydier esgotados 1
PhotographyOctober 08, 2018
Beyond the postcard

Subverting dominant narratives of place and culture, photographer Elsa Leydier examines the complexity of truth through an anthropological lens.

Hollyraejones metalmagazine 1
PhotographyOctober 05, 2018
Noughties galore

If you’re obsessed with the 2000s, you’ll love this photographer. Her style’s noughties-inspired, with a dreamy, surrealist, even post-apocalyptic touch.

Arc058 matthewcraven primer press 4
Art - PhotographyOctober 02, 2018
Patterns, history and commonalities

He’s launching his first book, “Primer”, which shows how different cultures and society are more similar than not. Ready for an artistic lesson in history?

Joshua aronson metalmagazine
PhotographySeptember 26, 2018
Taking a peek behind the lens

Using analogue as his medium, this photographer is leaving his creative mark on the world by taking pictures of none other than other photographers.

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