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Lost boys series pursuit
PhotographyMarch 20, 2019
Distance will keep us together

One lives in the USA, and the other, in New Zealand. However, they manage to create uncanny and mysterious works together about childhood and humankind.

Michaeljosephphotographics metalmagazine 17
PhotographyMarch 13, 2019
Chasing trains

Riding trains and living on the fringes of society through street photography. Get a glimpse of the transient life of the nomad communities in the USA.

Hana knizova 1
PhotographyMarch 07, 2019
Age in bloom

In this current photo exhibition at the Czech Center New York, going till March 28, eleven Czech artists dive into the aspects and values of tenderness.

Greg gorman metalmagazine
PhotographyMarch 01, 2019
Celebrities as outsiders

From ‘80s David Bowie to ‘90s Leonardo Di Caprio, the photographer responsible for some of the most iconic celebrity portraiture exhibits in Munich mid-March.

Imago zuza krajewska metalmagazine 12
PhotographyFebruary 28, 2019
Innocent violence

An intimate portraiture series in Studzieniec borstal, east Poland’s young offers’ institute, exhibits at Cokkie Snoei, Rotterdam, from March 3 to 31.

Elena dorfman metalmagazine 4
PhotographyFebruary 27, 2019
The exploration of a synthetic love

If you’re in Milan from 21 February to 22 July, step into an alternate reality where the love between human and synthetic being is anything but artificial.

4 herv%c3%a9 plumet campaign for audi 2003 courtesy the artist
PhotographyFebruary 26, 2019
Female as the ultimate product

The eroticisation of the female body has long been a subject in advertising, and this exhibition in Berlin running until April 27 has decided to dig into it.

Carlota guerrero metalmagazine
PhotographyFebruary 25, 2019
Strength in delicacy

Value and dexterity to find the intensity in what is pure, clear and serene. Her poetic and idyllic imaginary is really an unceasing spectacle.

Homage to karl lagerfeld metalmagazine 7
PhotographyFebruary 25, 2019
And his photographic talent

The incredibly fast-paced response of Galerie Gmurzynska in Zurich reveals the experimental side of the Kaiser and his photographic skills until May.

Sarah and friends  nadia lee cohen
PhotographyFebruary 21, 2019
Decadencia brillante

Retratos surrealistas. Personajes con extra de maquillaje. Fiesta en los suburbios americanos. ¿Te vienes a La Térmica de Málaga? Diversión asegurada.

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