Shaqúelle Whyte
On the Psychoanalysis, London Life, and Youth

Don’t miss his show at London’s Pippy Houldsworth Gallery, where he explores topics such as spirituality, the subconscious, and the differences between various points of view.

Astrit Ismaili
In Bloom

Kosovo-born, Amsterdam-based performance artist and musician Astrit Ismaili makes their musical debut with experimental pop album “The First Flower”.

claire rousay
Emotional longing

claire rousay is a musician known for her melancholic soundscapes, which lay the foundations for her new album, “Sentiment”, pushing the boundaries of experimental music.

Soft Skin Latex
Cute Fantasies

This UK-based designer is showcasing the infinite potential of latex through her innovative, subversive creations.

A Bright Future Ahead

It’s unusual to find a band that’s been active since its members were just twelve years old; but here we are. We speak with the lead singer and producer about “The Left Side,” their new EP.