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METAL 37August 10, 2017
Remaking the past by Rita Lino

Rita Lino remakes one of the most controversial ads in fashion history. The infamous G for Gucci on Kass’ pubes is now turned into an M for METAL.

METAL 37August 09, 2017
Remaking the past by Nadine Ijewere

Playfulness and craftiness with a sexy touch characterized Versace’s campaigns. Nadine Ijewere remakes the 1995 Jeans Couture one with similar vibes.

METAL 37August 08, 2017
Remaking the past by Steph Wilson

Robbie Williams was famous for his excesses, but The Face featured him on the cover with a nosebleed anyway. Steph Wilson reimagines the portrait for us.

METAL 37August 07, 2017
Remaking the past by Rosa Codina

Rosa Codina reimagines Kate Moss posing for CK’s Obession campaign, looking at her then-boyfriend’s camera with a mix of vulnerability and self-confidence.

METAL 37August 04, 2017
Remaking the past by Biel Capllonch

Biel Capllonch features model Albert Ritort to rethink the iconic cover of Prince's album Lovesexy, shot by Jean-Baptiste Mondino.

METAL 37August 03, 2017
Remaking the past by Nadine Ijewere

Madonna is already a living legend, and has done everything. Nadine Ijewere remakes the polemic Interview magazine cover, sensually touching herself.

METAL 37August 02, 2017
Remaking the past by Niclas Heikkinen

Marc Chagall depicted himself and his wife floating over a town, merging their bodies and souls. Niclas Heikkinen remakes the romantic and surreal painting.

METAL 37August 01, 2017
Remaking the past by Carlota Guerrero

Carlota Guerrero remakes a female-empowering campaign originally shot by Avedon, in which faceless hunks serve as pillars for goddess-looking supermodels.

METAL 37July 31, 2017
Remaking the past by Gabriela Celeste

Firstly conceived as a feminist statement, Gabriela Celeste now recreates an Esquire cover that, in our times, may send a message about gender identity.

METAL 37July 28, 2017
Remaking the past by Bruno Osif

A giant plastic hamburger and Leonardo DiCaprio is the idea that David LaChapelle had to depict the ideal American dream. Now, Bruno Osif reimagines it.

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