Marc Chagall's muse was his wife, the famous writer Bella Rosenfeld. In 1918, the year they got married, the painter depicted themselves floating over a village – Vitebsk (currently Belarus), where Chagall grew up –, as if they were creatures of the wind. Over the Town is a celebration of their love, the melting of their bodies, unified by some sort of magic. And Bella Rosenfeld wrote: “I suddenly felt as if we were taking off. You too were poised on one leg, as if the little room could no longer contain you. You soar up to the ceiling. Your head turned down to me, and turned mine up to you... We flew over fields of flowers, shuttered houses, roofs, yards, churches.”
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Edwina wears coat MIU MIU, dress and belt TOGA. Keenan wears dress MULBERRY, trousers KOCHÉ.

Over the Town 1918 Marc Chagall.jpg
Over the Town by Marc Chagall, 1918.

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