Since we first spoke to The Allegorist 2 years ago on the occasion of the release of her Hybrid Dimension II album, we felt an immediate attraction to her musical and artistic project. Being able to create a mesmerising enveloping atmosphere where everything is taken care of in detail, showing maximum coherence, the versatile Hungarian-born artist whose real name is Anna Jordan has proved that she’s capable of anything she sets her mind to. She’s now releasing her new album TEKHENU depicting a lost protagonist and her spiritual, inward search across ten enrapturing chapters. And she’s also presenting her fascinating new music video that comes along with the single Whispers Of The Wind.
Two years have passed since we spoke with The Allegorist to learn more about her project in which different artistic disciplines converge to conceptualize narrative-heavy LPs centred around mythical lands. Doing everything herself from the music to the album and single art covers, we spoke to her again a few months after on the occasion of the release of her single and music video The Sacrifice and her fourth album Blind Emperor. One month later we would meet again to discuss in more detail the creative process, the artistic universe and all the meaning behind this album launched on her label Awaken Chronicles.

We’ve been following the career of who undoubtedly is one of the essential artists of a generation of talents who put all their energy into creating their own creative ecosystem, always faithful to her essence. Just look at the title of her new EP, TEKHENU, which is a nod to the towering monoliths by the ancient Egyptians. An element that has become a connection point full of meaning that demonstrates the interest of the multidisciplinary artist in analyzing the past in search of references and sources of inspiration to transfer them in a very personal way in her creative project.

Written, composed, produced, mixed and art directed by the Berlin-based electronic producer and sound designer herself, her fifth studio album takes us on a ten-track journey and comes with a short story, The Tale of TEKHENU, and every single will be accompanied by a cinematic trailer by Anna Jordan. She has been working on this new project for more than two years and now we can finally see the impressive result in which she explores themes of human connection, intuition, guidance, evolution, freedom and acceptance. From the intricate process of decision to giving into our innermost self and waking and freeing our inner desires, TEKHENU is a journey towards self-knowledge in which feelings become the true protagonists.

“May this piece warm your heart, guide you and comfort you in times of need,” The Allegorist shared on her social media with her audience some days ago, encouraging people to connect with the important issues she addresses throughout these ten tracks. And her new music video for the song Whispers Of The Wind is, as usual, an aesthetic delight that brings an extra dose of meaning and emotion. You can already get her Limited Edition twelve inch Heavy Black Vinyl Record (record/vinyl and digital album) here, her Limited Edition six-panel Digipack CD here, or go for her Digital Album which includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
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