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Kseniaschnaider metalmagazine 2
FashionMay 24, 2019
A different path

Do you fancy some baggy jean shorts over skinny jeans? This Kiev-based brand explores new ways of improving the industry with a unique sense of aesthetic.

Vincealetti metalmagazine 2
Fashion - MagsMay 23, 2019
Revealing what you never saw

Meet the acclaimed curator who, with his new book, “Issues”, explores the history of photography through the lens of fashion magazines from 1925 to 2018.

Krizia r
FashionMay 23, 2019
Un encuentro libre y arriesgado

La cara más insólita de la moda vuelve a encontrarse en la emblemática fábrica de Balmaseda en un fin de semana de desfiles, música y muchas sorpresas.

Clara nebeling emporio armani metalmagazine 41 12
Fashion - EditorialMay 23, 2019
Clara NebelingOla Ebiti

Kaimin metalmagazine 7
FashionMay 22, 2019
Representing an inclusive future

This New York-based brand creates highly sculptural avant-garde pieces using innovative techniques for an all-inclusive future with no prejudices.

Lunettes3000 metalmagazine
FashionMay 22, 2019
Humour, extravagance and absurdity

Lunettes 3000 is an alien commercial for human beings, but watch out don’t get tricked by them!

Flavia daniele metalmagazine 4
Fashion - EditorialMay 21, 2019
Flavia DanieleJacopo Assaiante, Arianna Maver, Sianna Georguieva

Adria loewe 1324
Fashion - MusicMay 21, 2019
Verano a ritmo de DJs

¿Estás preparado para el verano? Tanto si sí como si no, Loewe ya lo ha inaugurado con su Summer Shop Paula’s Ibiza en Madrid, que incluye DJs y talleres.

Corey moranis metalmagazine
FashionMay 20, 2019
Lucid Lucite

Meet the designer fascinated by Lucite. How it bends, coils and knots, refracting the light into dimensional jewellery that’s both minimal and maximal.

Andreas karlsson metal 41
Fashion - EditorialMay 16, 2019
Andreas KarlssonEsperanza de la Fuente

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