Celebrate the Lunar New Year (starting February 10th) with these capsule collections that cherish tradition and cultural richness. From Loewe to Louis Vuitton, to Dior, Burberry or Dr. Martens, different fashion houses aim to connect to the different Asian audiences through special collections, campaigns, drops, and collaborations.
As the Lunar New Year casts its vibrant glow across China and East Asia, the fashion world enthusiastically embraces the occasion, weaving a captivating tapestry of tradition and innovation. Spanning from late January to mid-February, this momentous celebration serves as a cornerstone for cherished customs, familial gatherings, and a different cultural expressions. Within this vibrant cultural backdrop, China's contemporary fashion industry plays a pivotal role, transforming this traditional observance into a space for creative expression.
Fashion brands unveil special collections inspired by the Lunar New Year’s rich symbolism, collaborating with artists and introducing limited-edition items that resonate with a global audience. This harmonious blend of past and present not only highlights the fashion industry’s adaptability but also underscores its ability to preserve cultural heritage while embracing the modern world. There are many to choose from, but today, we bring you some of the explore some of the best collections celebrating the Year of the Dragon.
Step into the exquisite world of Loewe’s Jade collection, a delicate homage to the timeless artistry of Chinese jade carving. From the ancient to the contemporary, this collection of bags, charms, and fine jewellery captures the intricate craft and vibrant hues of Chinese jade sculpture. Rooted in history, jade holds a profound significance in the country, symbolising virtues such as goodness, intelligence, prosperity, and luck. As we anticipate the Lunar New Year, Loewe unveils a limited-edition series of hand-carved jade pendants by master artisans Xiaojin Yin, Qijing Qiu, and Lei Cheng. The Flamenco Purse Mini bags, inspired by antique jade carvings, offer a spectrum of colours, each housing a jade stone ring for good luck.
This transcendent collection is not just fashion; it’s a celebration of heritage, art, and the auspicious spirit of the new year. It is a manifestation of beauty and cultural richness that blends tradition with modern elegance, where each piece tells a story of rare craftsmanship and cultural resonance.
As the Lunar New Year approaches, the vibrant threads of passion and sacred connections between Dior and art continue to pulse, echoing the beating heart of the Maison since its inception. Woven across time, these ever-evolving affinities find a new expression in the bond shared with Niki de Saint Phalle. The enchanting alliance traces back to 1954 when the feminist artist, also a model, adorned a Dior look captured by photographer Henry Clarke. This artistic companionship deepened in 1965 as Marc Bohan established a unique creative friendship with her, leading to a series of extraordinary collaborations. Maria Grazia Chiuri further honoured this captivating dialogue by paying homage to de Saint Phalle through her Dior S/S 2018 ready-to-wear collection, which now comes to life again.
In the spirit of the Lunar New Year, this distinctive line is reborn, featuring pieces that reminisce about the mesmerising universe of the renowned visual artist. The collection showcases drawings inspired by her works titled Tues Mon Dragon, Strength, and Foulard Zodiaque. Vibrant motifs representing the zodiac signs embellish iconic pieces like the Lady Dior, the Dior Book Tote, and elegant silk squares. An irresistible dragon takes centre stage on long-sleeved t-shirts, wrap-around knits, and denim items. These bewitching objects of desire, akin to hymns to freedom, are now available for exploration on their website.
© Charlotte Hadden
© Charlotte Hadden
Louis Vuitton
Embarking on a journey to the Maison Chengdu Taikoo Li, Louis Vuitton introduces a massive installation seamlessly merging fashion with architectural grandeur. Established in 2022, this Maison beautifully integrates retail, cultural, and lifestyle spaces, harmonising with the historical allure of Guangdong Hall and modern retail areas. Nestled beside the millennia-old Daci Temple, this architectural fusion spans two buildings and an open-air courtyard, transforming the place into a unique urban landmark that signifies the synthesis of tradition and contemporary elegance within Chengdu’s cultural heritage.
Expanding the celebration, Louis Vuitton unveils five larger-than-life dragon installations at pop-ups and flagships in Beijing, Shanghai, and Chengdu. Crafted by artisans in China, these dragons incorporate key design elements from Pharrell Williams’ inaugural men’s collection for Louis Vuitton, featuring pearls and gilded surfaces, as well as the dragons’ scales turned into the Damier canvas. This dynamic blend of tradition, modernity, and artistic collaboration brings the spirit of the dragon to life across diverse locations, enriching the Lunar New Year celebration with a touch of the French House's signature style.
Fendi ushers in the Year of the Dragon with a dazzling pop-up store at Taikoo Li Chengdu in collaboration with Hiroshi Fujiwara’s Fragment for the Friends of Fendi chapter. Introducing the Fendi x Frgmt and Fendi x Frgmt x Pokémon collections, this unique blend of high fashion and iconic Pokémon sets the stage for a vibrant celebration. Running until January 26th, the pop-up showcases three impressive Dragonite installations featuring an exclusive pattern merging Dragonite, Dratini, and Dragonair with Fendi, Frgmt, and Pokémon logos. The interior radiates energy with a vibrant reinterpretation of Fendi’s FF logo in bold yellow.
This multifaceted collaboration unveils two collections. The first, a collaboration between Fendi and Frgmt reimagines Hiroshi’s Frgmt signature on the FF jacquard logo in brown, tobacco, and a striking yellow iteration. The FF Fragment logo adorns beloved designs such as the ISeeU Small, Baguette, Mini Mon Tresor, along with new additions like the Baguette shopper and soft hobo bag. A unisex T-shirt featuring the special logo completes the lineup. They’re as kawaii as it gets, finding a more playful side to the dragon, usually depicted more grandieuse or even scary.
Unveiling its highly anticipated collection, Burberry pays homage to the Year of the Dragon in the biggest way. The brand’s known ambassadors, including Tang Wei and Chen Kun, took the streets of Chengdu to showcase the new capsule collection. Comprising classic British wardrobe staples, the collection features iconic elements such as the check print, a delicate rose print, and vibrant touches of auspicious red. This bold colour, symbolising luck and prosperity, not only graces classic paintings but also finds its way into the design of new eyeglasses. Renowned photographer and filmmaker Ryan McGinley captures the essence of the collection with named ambassadors, adding their distinct flair to the Lunar New Year celebration.
© Ryan McGinely
© Ryan McGinely
Dr. Martens
For Lunar New Year, Dr. Martens celebrates the spirited essence of the dragon with a specially crafted, limited-edition collection consisting of two pairs of shoes. This exclusive release pays homage to the unique and courageous qualities associated with the mythical creature in the Chinese horoscope.
The iconic 1460 boot and the Adrian moccasin, two timeless Dr. Martens silhouettes, undergo a creative reinterpretation for the Year of the Dragon. Crafted from smooth black leather, both styles feature an intricate dragon design, replacing the brand’s distinctive yellow accents with the auspicious lucky red synonymous with the holiday. The 1460 boot further boasts an engraved gold plate on the toe and charming dragon-themed details on the laces.
As collaborations take place during this time, German luxury fashion label MCM once again joins forces with Japanese streetwear brand A Bathing Ape (Bape) to unveil an exclusive capsule collection, marking the Year of the Dragon. Since their inaugural collaboration in October 2019, these two brands have consistently redefined the realm of luxury streetwear, offering an array of ready-to-wear apparel, leather goods, and accessories. The latest Lunar New Year capsule stands out with its captivating interplay of patterns, vibrant graphic applications, and the seamless fusion of Bape’s shark motif with MCM’s distinctive Visetos.
At the heart of the collection is the Bape STA logo adorned with a golden dragon, symbolising unapologetic confidence and a bold, irreverent style to usher in the new lunar year. Each piece in the collection is meticulously crafted with robust gunmetal hardware, featuring bold oversized graphics and adventurous animalistic patches. The collaboration logo serves as the finishing touch, imparting a distinctive mark to every item, making it a perfect celebration of the Lunar New Year.