After releasing her first single Futon at 16 in 2020, rising star Ūla has developed her sound from whimsical to grunge with her new single Scandal, making her an artist to envy. Guided by her childhood imaginary friends, her powerful, transitional sound brings the realm of imagination to the real world – her stunning vocals and music adding vibrancy to the lives of her listeners.
Her intense guitar riffs and provoking vocals ignite an inner feminist rage that compels listeners to scream along. Combining futuristic sounds with ‘80s rock, Scandal is a musical trip that completely evokes the desire to start drama – capturing the experience of not starting an argument, but ending one.

Growing up an only child, Ūla's imagination was left to run rampant, which is reflected in her music as she takes us on a journey through her mind. Her vast range of styles and multi-instrumental talents have allowed her to experiment, and there seems to be no limit to her capabilities.

Using TikTok to grow her platform, Ūla is taking full advantage of her Gen-Z roots, and it's paying off. Her first song Futon has accumulated 24 million listens on Spotify. Hopefully, Scandal is on the way to becoming another Gen Z anthem. With its grungy sound, it is perfect for the Halloween season, and we should all be in suspense about what Ūla will release next.