Since forming the band in 2021, Danish electronic sensation Tripolism has been making waves across clubs and festivals worldwide. Today, the trio of producers releases Whatever We Call It, the third single published via Ultra Records after the acclaimed Dope Dance and Luna Love. And for this special one, which sets the tone for 2024, they enrolled Norwegian artist Meera on the vocals. Have a listen!
Their 2023 chart topping hit Dope Dance has already gamered over a million streams on Spotify. Impressive, isn’t it? Well, Tripolism’s meteoric rise is still ongoing, so expect to see them –and, more importantly, hear them– more often and in more places. Continuing to deliver forward-thinking house music with exquisite production, the Swedish artists start the year with an anticipated release where they even bring vocals to it.
Speaking of their collab with Meera, they say that it was “an energetic burst waiting to happen. She reached out on Instagram in April 2023, expressing love for Dope Dance before its release. Despite never having met in person, we hit it off online, and our creative exchanges turned into a high-voltage collaboration that just clicked. Whatever We Call It is an energetic journey filled with the spontaneous synergy we discovered, and we can’t wait for everyone to feel the vibe.”
Lasting eight entire minutes, the song is an emotional journey where listeners get to experience different emotions in crescendo, having the time to savour the production elements of Tripolism while also enjoying the vocals of Meera, which are intertwined beautifully. If you still haven’t discovered them, you’re in for a treat, so let’s go!