Having released their debut LP in June 2022, Tribe Friday  today presents their new single, Me And All My Friends. The Swedish bubblegum emo-pop band, who speak in their songs about topics ranging from identity and confusion to love and death, continue to consolidate their project on the music scene through lyrics in which there is no lack of sarcasm, wit and charm. Next month, they will embark on a United States and German tour, with concerts scheduled in cities like Zürich or Hamburg. And they will release their new album in late 2023!
“It’s a song about growing up in a gang of misfits bound together by lack of purpose and abundance of mental problems,” says Noah Deutschmann, lead singer of the band, when asked about their latest release, Me And All My Friends. This is one of the most emo songs they've done so far, as Tribe Friday explains, and the middle section is complete with kazoos, mouth horns, and a plastic bottle-shaker. The single is quite addictive and seems to be the starting point of a year full of releases and projects for the band.

Marrying the rugged indie rock dancehall sounds of early 2K with Gen Z post-pandemic party vibe bliss, Tribe Friday has received much critical acclaim for their latest releases and has over twenty thousand monthly listeners on Spotify. It’s very positive feedback resulting from his energetic, whimsical hooks with dark lyricism. Now you also have the opportunity to see them live with many dates scheduled for May, connecting with their real essence and enjoying their live music.