Until September 30th, you can help Black trans folks as well as sex workers by buying edition artworks by artists like Nan Goldin, Molly Matalon, Ryan McGinley or Richie Shazam through Towards Utopia, a pro-sex, anti-fascist, trans feminist, anti-racist fundraising initiative.
“We are making strides towards a utopian future in which resources are distributed ethically and equitably; where suffering and discrimination are non-existent, and radical love is the way,” explains the team behind the fundraiser. “We are fighting fascism and discrimination by raising capital for boots-on-the-ground organizations that provide housing, food, and safety to Black trans people and sex workers.” These organisations include Glits, which focuses on housing, advocacy, and harm reduction for Black trans people; For the Gworls, which gives grants for rent and medical recovery resources for Black trans people; and SWOP Brooklyn, which provides mutual aid and safety resources for sex workers.

Curated by KO Nnmadie of Restaurant Projects, the print sale ranges from household names to emerging artists including Lia Clay Miller (who’s selling a portrait of musician and model Torraine), Sarah Huny Young, Dana Lauren Goldstein, Julia Foo (in collaboration with avant-garde singer and METAL 43 cover star Arca), Charles Caesar, Erik Carter, Gioncarlo Valentine (who portrayed the guys behind Papi Juice, a party aiming to create a safe space for queer POC in Brooklyn), Malike Sidibe, Luke Gilford, Benjamin Fredrickson and more.

In times of turmoil, we must fight together against a system that discriminates mercilessly underserved communities and collectives. And in a world heavily ruled by money, economic transactions are a tool we can use to help and support each other, and those less privileged than us. Visit Towards Utopia’s website and buy your favourite prints!
Arca by Julia Foo.jpg
Arca by Julia Foo
Benjamin Frederickson.jpg
Benjamin Frederickson
Charles Ceasar.jpg
Charles Ceasar
Dana Goldstein.jpg
Dana Goldstein
Erik Carter.jpg
Erik Carter
Ion Birch  Bewitched Copy.jpg
Ion Birch, Bewitched
Kenay  Robinson .jpg
Kenay Robinson
Jesse Pratt Lopez.jpg
Jesse Pratt Lopez
Lia Clay 1.jpg
Lia Clay
Luke Gilford.jpg
Luke Gilford
Marlon Krol.jpg
Marlon Krol
Molly Matalon.jpg
Molly Matalon
Nan Goldin.jpg
Nan Goldin
Ryan Mcginley Gilded Twist 2020.jpg
Ryan Mcginley
Zeinab Bachelor.jpg
Zeinab Bachelor