For over fifteen years, British photographer Tim Walker has been developing a unique, personal style with otherworldly, dreamy qualities. Turning friends and celebrities alike into fantastical characters portrayed in usually highly staged, wonderful landscapes, Walker’s work has graced the pages of major publications around the world, been published in several photo books, and exhibited in prestigious institutions worldwide. Until January 25, London’s Michael Hoppen Gallery exhibits his work in Tim Walker. Wonderful People, a solo show focusing on the photographer’s portraiture.
Actress Tilda Swinton has been Walker’s muse for a long time, turning her into the artworks of Mexican surrealist painter Leonora Carrington or the characters from Ingmar Bergman’s celebrated filmography. But in addition to her, the British photographer has portrayed every artist, designer, performer, model and entertainer you could think of, from Helena Bonham Carter to Alexander McQueen, to Björk, Cate Blanchett, David Lynch, Kate Moss and Margaret Atwood among many others. And so the current exhibition at Michael Hoppen uncovers, as they explain, “wonderful people in wonderful places – often doing wonderful things!”

Because, as they continue, “Walker’s portraits bear testimony to his playful and imaginative vision, which conjures extraordinary worlds in which his subjects and friends are immersed. His sitters don’t merely sit for Tim, but are transformed by the roles they assume within his fantastical imaginative landscape”. Running at the same time as the V&A’s major retrospective, the solo show Tim Walker. Wonderful People is just another demonstration (and celebration!) of the photographer’s immense talent and endless imagination, creativity and style.
The exhibition Tim Walker. Wonderful People is on view until January 25 at Michale Hoppen Gallery, 3 Jubilee Pl, London.
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