New York-based artist Tama Gucci, born Kymani Floyd, is a cultural force. The Miami native is both a singer and producer, a DJ, and a designer of the Telfar endorsed Tama’s Corner, his line of camp and political garms. While shifting between these creative identities might prove taxing for some, Tama Gucci pulls it off with ease, and in doing so has transformed his DIY ethos for the global stage. After going viral on Twitter with his emotional reworking of Blueface's Thotiana, in 2019, which he recorded in his bathroom, the artist has been making a name for himself as a producer of an honest and uniquely engaging style of R&B music. The style of which is steeped in pop culture and internet references, an embrace of virality that Tama displays on his own platforms, where memes, gym selfies, and takes on Nicki Minaj’s career all co-exist; as everything is Tama live and direct.
With the release of the Almost Blue remix EP, Tama, generous with collaboration, hands over the reins to a talented cast of producers. Among those featured include Sonikku, Physical Trax, and Peter Fonda, who together reimagine the original album, and its pop-informed, bedroom-ready style, instead infusing it with heady and varied club sounds, as hard-hitting as techno and rave. It's a project that is sure to be embraced by Tama’s fans, as well as win over a new legion of listeners.
Miami, as a city, is one steeped in magical realism, where so many communities and identities exist. How do you feel growing up in Miami has influenced your work?
Being exposed to so many types of cultures and people really opened my eyes to how similar yet different we all are… I’m open to a lot more things people aren’t open to, and I think it’s because I was exposed to it which allows me to write from a unique point of view.
You make several nods to Britney Spears in both covering Toxic and in your video for Challenge which is your take on Britney’s I’m a Slave 4 U video. What do you think makes her such a continuing and beloved force in pop culture?
She’s just really that girl from the dances to the music to the way she was only able to be vulnerable in her music. I think that’s why it resonates with us so deeply because she was passionate. 
What are your connections to the collaborators featured on the Almost Blue remix EP, how did you decide to join forces? What drew you to their work?
Firstly, I asked everyone who wanted to take a shot at to send me their emails and which song they would like to remix and sent out the stems, but I chose the artist based on whose remix I would want to DJ when I do DJ out in the clubs. Every one of them is an artist that I listen to and adore! 
You hosted a remix competition for Challenge. What is, in your eyes, the value of such open collaboration?
Discovering new artists and how they interpret my voice and lyrics! That was so exciting and eye-opening, plus I met so many artists through doing that, some that I’ll collaborate with in the future I’m sure.
As a producer and DJ, what characterises your artistic practice more? Do you think about how songs will sound played out in a club as you create them?
Since I’ve started DJing, I definitely keep in mind what will sound great in the club or how DJs will be able to mix it during sets, however, it’s not how I decide to make music, I just make whatever feels right.
The songs on Almost Blue shift from vulnerable and meditative to intense and euphoric, telling a story of romance and loss. How do you approach writing lyrics?
When I’m writing my lyrics I always want them to be honest and easy to digest. I think that’s why it seems like it switches pretty intensely because you know exactly what I’m feeling due to how I say it.
Sometimes pop music can be construed as unserious, while it is also frequently a vehicle for expression and politics, and can serve as anthems for generations. What role do you see pop music having in the future?
I see pop music being still the genre that people have the most fun with and feel sexy and empowered in… You can have the most fun with pop music and I believe it’ll only get better.
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I read that your parents encouraged you to release your first song when you were just 12, do they have a favourite from the latest album?
My mom loves Sweater and my dad loves Bedroom (laughs), I’m not sure they fully understand it but they always tell me I sound great (laughs)!
What are your favourite running club nights, or club spaces, anywhere in the world?
Rash, Nowadays, Paragon, Floyd, Space! 
Any upcoming projects or touring dates that you are especially looking forward to?
I’m looking forward to starting my first album. I have so many things I want to talk about. I'm very excited.
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