You might be surprised to hear that Sylvester Stallone, who had his breakthrough in acting in his 20s, was dabbling in visual art long before this. Starting painting at around 8 years old, for financial reasons Stallone first pursued a career in acting before delving into any form of visual arts career. Until February 20, 2022, we get to experience the inner workings of the beloved actor’s mind through a new medium on his 75th Birthday Retrospective at Osthaus Museum in Hagen (Germany).
Drawing from an eclectic mix of inspirations, since a young age Stallone has used painting as a means of expression and communication. As he puts it “painting is the fastest and purest translator of the subconscious,” and this is indeed what is experienced in this exhibition. From self-portraits to abstract pieces with extraordinary colour and use of language, we are given a glimpse into the true character of the Hollywood actor.

As well as the surrealist, expressionistic, abstract works, text accompanies the exhibition in both English and German, including interviews with the key figures involved, giving a deeper understanding into the intentions of the artist and the key themes throughout. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to explore this famous actor, screenwriter and producers more artistic side, through never-before-seen early works as hi, as well as to experience some incredible new works, groundbreaking in their own right.
Sylver Stallone's 75th Birthday Retrospective is now available at Osthaus Museum in Hagen (Germany) until February 20, 2022.
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