With just over a month and a half to Spunsugar’s new album, A Hole Forever release date via Adrian Recordings, today the Swedish three-piece is releasing DIY-chic music video for their new track San Jose. The single comes along with a visualizer that is almost a parody of the image from Sweeney Todd of Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter sitting at the beach, as the artists say. We are getting closer to their great new project release date, which will further discuss dense topics and expose the realities of coming to terms with internal shame.
“This song is a homage (and sort of a response) to the Dione Warwick’s song Do You Know the Way to San José (1968). This is a song about dreams, mainly, broken ones. About pumping gas for the people who achieved theirs,” they commented when asked about this new single, whose music video shows the Californian goth party feel of San José to images of Sunsugar's three resident goths enjoying a day at the beach.

Based in Malmö, Sweden, and consisting of band members Cordelia Moreau, Elin Ramstedt and Felix Sjöström, Spunsugar now presents a song that has a beachy indie vibe paired with a grunge sound. “It lulls you in with a crisp coolness and then hits you with a distorted riff that chugs away under breathy shoegaze vocals,” they add as they finalize the details of their upcoming album A Hole Forever set to be released in mid-November, and tackles themes about getting older and confessing dark secrets with the mindset that life is a slow death.