We woke up to good news today! Barcelona’s Sónar Festival has just announced thirty new artists who complete this year’s line-up. The additions include names like Anfisa Letyago, Partiboi69, Pongo or the Spanish star of the moment Samantha Hudson. As you can see for yourselves, they promise talent from all around the world and a strong commitment to local talent. The countdown has begun, only 99 more days left for one of the biggest festivals of the summer. Are you ready?
Among the new confirmations, there are three new shows designed for their premiere at the festival: the new project by Niño de Elche, together with Ylia and 40 musicians from the La Valenciana Band, with a staging never seen before; the new show by Maria Arnal (who is also featured in the first number of our editorial project ACERO) and Marcel Bagés, in which they will reinterpret Clamor for the first time together with a choir of voices sampled by Artificial Intelligence; and the new live show by Samantha Hudson, which of course, will surprise us all with her eccentricity.

If we take a closer look at the new additions for the line-up taking place on the 16, 17 and 18th of June, we see Spanish rock bands like Depresión Sonora, Barcelona’s DJ and producer AWWZ, Jersey’s club singular sensation Uniiqu3, the experimental electronic music drummer Eli Keszler or the British duo Paranoid London. For sure, the 29th edition of the festival will be one to remember. And don’t forget that today is the last day to get your SonarPass for 185€, so hurry up and get your tickets here.