“Home is where the heart is / Home is where the heart lives,” says wisely Dele Sosimi right at the start of Home, the new song by British producer Sam Redmore.  Continuing on the wise words, which invite listeners to reflect on the sense of belonging, community, and even family, the Nigerian British singer recites: “You can travel from here: north, south, east, west / You will come to the conclusion at some point in time and realisation that home is where the heart is.” The message is beautiful. So is the song.
Sam Redmore got into music through DJing and remixing other artists’ songs. But in 2022, he captivated the media and industry insiders with his debut album, Universal Vibrations, which was praised by radio stations worldwide. From then on, he has kept refining his skills as a producer and composer. Two years later, he’s ready to share his second album, which includes singles recently released like Glow, a five-minute instrumental fantasy; Let It All Out, in collaboration with Lumi HD, and now Home, which features one if his musical heroes.
Speaking of this, Sam shares: “Dele Sosimi is a hugely respected name in the afrobeat world, and somebody whose music I have been following for a long time – well before I started making music myself. To collaborate with him on a track really is a dream come true, with his contributions and influence on so much music that I love a huge deal to me. When I received the vocal recording for Home, it immediately elevated what was something I was already proud of to a new level. You can hear the depth of emotion in Dele's voice, and listening back to the track now I can't help but feel that emotion within. There is a melancholy there but also hope and uplift - things that are important to me both in music and in life.”