Treasures of New York does what is says on the tin: it’s a treasure trove of vintage accessories and garments. This grotto of goodies has been designed like your dream closet – complete with a rotating hanging rail and retro toy vending machine. The mind behind it is Salon 21’s Alex Bass, who designed the entire space from the bones up Salon 21 is an interior design firm and art advisory, for both commercial and residential clients.. Within this dreamland you can find designers from Balenciaga to Yves Saint Laurent – you name the brand, they’ve probably got it.
Inspired by the name itself, Treasures of NYC, the design “pulls from classic, vintage, old New York in a contemporary way” explains Alex Bass. Responding to a need for an unconventional space, this treasure trove of vintage finds is rooted in discovery. The wonder of finding something old yet new. Alex continues on inspirations, the location is littered “…with touches of New York’s downtown grit, uptown glamor, and the subversive feeling we all somehow stumble into in New York City – the place and the illusion, the aspirational quality of it.” Referencing the history and magic of its own location the design work perfectly integrates into the big city, with a slightly meta quality.
Every accessory is thought through, and the devil is in the details. “The maximalist design details mimic an compliment the curated products” Alex points out, like the beautiful Seletti cushions of severed fingers and crowded lipstick wielding hands designed by the Toiletpaper duo Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari. There is also a plethora of branded items such as custom sourced mosaic subway tiles spelling Treasures of New York in the entryway, matches, coasters, diner-style coffee mugs that welcome visitors into the world of the store. Maximalism is in the DNA of both Salon 21 and Treasures of New York whose tastes align flawlessly. It was over social media that the interior designer’s own apartment was spotted by Treasures of New York founders as a perfect point of departure for the interior. Curated collectables that are on display in the store echo those in Alex Bass’ apartment. “Their by-appointment SoHo Clubhouse was intentionally meant to feel like you're stepping into your cool friend's apartment, and specifically their closet, brimming with personal style and flair. Each customer gets a moment to themselves, a private shopping experience where they can try on and treasure hunt themselves.” Alex adds.
Graffiti covers the walls in the bathroom and also the vintage theatre chairs sourced for the space by Salon 21. The artist behind it? Local creative Ian Sullivan who has hidden within the walls designer names and slogans the company uses. Industrial and urban the spray-painting gives the space an edge, and a feeling that’s “more New York” as Alex puts it. A capsule of the outside world, this space is highly unique and stands out amongst other vintage shops. Alex gives us an insight, “Not just the decor, but the way the space is laid out, is conducive to a unique shopping experience that is becoming more and more valuable than your traditional brick-and-mortar retail… I had to bring their ethos to life visually, also taking into account the function of a showroom. Not only can you drool over stunning Fendi baguettes, but you can get something to sip on at the bar, have your fortune read by a Chanel wearing Zoltar, and treat yourself to both a one of a kind vintage piece and experience.” And what an achievement, the Treasures of New York space feels like a home from home where you can make a special discovery just for you. Bursting with potential this is a store certainly worth a visit, if you can secure an appointment. As for Salon 21, their doors are open too for those who want to get in touch.
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