Sometimes it’s great to watch large productions with pop stars, lots of dancers on stage, fireworks, and huge arenas. But many other times, beauty lies in simplicity. Just a beautiful voice and a couple of acoustic instruments is all you need to captivate your audience. That’s precisely what singer-songwriter, Sacha, achieves with his new single, nothing else. In the music video, filmed by Reuben Bocobza, we see Sacha playing the guitar and accompanied by a couple of backup singers that add rich layers to the song. That’s it. Pure, raw beauty.
If you’re not familiar with Sacha, don’t worry, you will be soon. But you might know him from his previous project, where he worked under the moniker Johnny Longlegs. With that alter ego, Sacha (born Sacha Arnaud) toured extensively, especially in France and Germany, and recorded several records. But now, after a rough period, the Paris-based artist is ready to start a new chapter in his musical career by embracing pure honesty. For example, in nothing else, his new song, he opens up about living a vagabond lifestyle. Speaking of it, he says: “I was free flowing, moving from city to city on tour, working on music or just visiting friends and family. It was an incredible experience but it also shed a lot of light on how lonely I feel a lot of the time and for that, this song is precious to me.”
Featuring gentle picking guitars at the beginning, nothing else grows slowly into a celestial track that speaks directly to your soul. The lyrics are beautiful and evocative, able to create precious images in your head. “Seven months in the air / Seasons changed and the sun is reflecting on the ocean / See the world from above / Wishing love would overcome all the trouble down below,” he sings beautifully at the start of the song. “Another day has gone by / Another city left behind / And I know nothing else,” he keeps singing, speaking about his nomad lifestyle.
The song is the first release of his upcoming EP, titled Change of Heart, where Sacha delves into themes of family and identity. It is presumably his most honest work to date, but we’ll still have to wait some months until its release. In the meantime, stay tuned for more news.