Although she has only entered the music scene in the past few years, London-based Rosin possesses an authentic sound and lyrical prowess, which represent her knowledge of the artistic medium and potential to carve a distinct space for herself within the industry.
The Berlin-raised artist had a creative upbringing that is apparent in her newest single, Intentions. Rosin’s May release addresses the painful realisation of fleeting love. However, it also touches upon the necessity of learning to appreciate the short-term connection for what it is, illustrating her understanding of romantic relationships. One could go so far as to label Rosin an “old soul.” 
With lyrics like, “I took a video when you were sleeping/Felt like a creep so I went and deleted it/I wish I wouldn’t of, want to remember your face,” Rosin offers an honest picture of what it feels like to love someone who doesn’t want you back and the insecurities that come along with this agonising and often all-consuming situation. 
Despite elements of despair, in her own words, Rosin hopes that with this song and video, “the listener also recognises the beauty of having feelings for someone and how it makes you feel inspired.” With the soft acoustic guitar and ethereal nature sounds—flowing water and the cricket chirps of night—Intentions does just that. 
The track's intricate sonic patterns provide not only the words to exude the emotions of unrequited love but also the melodic energy that allows listeners to relate to this experience. 
As Intentions progresses, the song goes from light, finger-picking, and soft background vocals to a more upbeat second verse, incorporating percussion and synth sequences that dissipate at the end of the following chorus. The singer-songwriter has the unique ability to combine a folk-like sound with slight electronic beats that defy what is expected and are ever so captivating. 
Her accompanying music video, which was directed by Kynza K-J, shot by Arran Green, and produced by Zoe Gunn and Abbey Valentina of Zee2Ayy Productions and was released on June 13, exudes a mystical energy reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland. Rosin lies on an elegantly decorated bed with her temporary lover in the middle of a majestic, green forest. Sunbeams shine on Rosin’s lace clothing and light up the concerned look in her eyes as she recognises that this love will be short-lived. The scene highlights the romanticised nature of an intimate relationship that feels so real but is sure to end.