Since he began writing and producing music in 2013, starting on piano, moving to drums and later guitar, Richard Orofino has not stopped shaping his musical project in possession of a broad palette of musical skills and boundless inspiration. Creating his own musical style and making the inseparable love, painful romance and beauty within darkness frequent themes in his creative world, he's now premiering his new music video, Heart Splat. Directed by Bennett Holgerson, this visual piece comes along with a catchy pop song heavily soaked in grunge aesthetics.
Heart Splat is a song about when you eat a delicious meal so yummy you can just explode. I was eating this fantastic eggplant parmigiana with spaghetti and the song began to write itself,” says the Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter/producer when asked about his latest release, which was co-written and co-produced with Gabe Wax. “When I brought the song idea to a friend, it all started to come together just like the melted mozzarella from the dish. We got to use a lot of synth electric guitar which was really fun, I love doing that.”

With giant-sounding sampled drums and '90s instrumental and harmonic darkness, it lives in a familiar but fresh and modern indie music fashion. And in that creative world full of identity he also draws inspiration from varied media including the works of David Lynch. “The drama and beauty blended with the dark and haunting imagery seem to create a unique and addicting universe that feels like home but a dream,” adds the artist, who has more than forty thousand monthly listeners on Spotify and pays attention to every detail in his musical project in which he puts all his energy.