This Stockholm-based musician embraces the spirit of the nineties Riot grrrl attitude, uniting elements of nineties cyber-techno, trap, pop, and indie to create her own unique hard-edged sound. Rein’s new hit track Dystopia has been launched today at the same time that the video of Reincarnated,  the working title of her debut album, an eight-minute cinematic music clip set in a post-apocalyptic world.
Rein’s creative enthusiasm and her hunger for musical fantasies started from a very young age, even before she was born you could say. Rein’s father had a career as a singer in Sweden in the eighties and her half-brother, Sebastian Ingrosso, is a member of Swedish House Mafia. Her journey started in 2016 when Rein dropped her first EP titled Freedoom in 2017 where she collaborated with the death electro founder Owl Vision. Borrowing influences from The Matrix and Ghost in the Shell and the eighties EBM scene, she cooks her anti-authoritarian boldness to exactly the right temperature.

Reincarnated is a meticulous concoction of eerie ambiences, posy-apocalyptic landscapes, experimental extremes, and mechanical rhythms. Guiding electro-punk music to a whole new parallel galaxy. The visuals look straight out of a short film driving us on a journey of rage against the progression of automated life and the importance of integrity.
"I met GIA who is the director last summer and it was a match made in heaven. We are both very creative and powerful women who love to do extraordinary things and this is the result. I'm extremely proud of the outcome and we had such a blast while making it," the artist explains. And what about Dystopia? “For Dystopia, I wanted people to interpret the song for themselves. I always wanted to write the perfect song about a Dystopian future. I'm very proud of it."
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