Ramin Nasibov is a designer and art director specializing in branding, UI/UX design, design for social media, packaging design and related visual communications. Based in Berlin, Ramin has been requested by clients from all over the world, usually start-ups and airlines, who trust his sharpened vision to capture the essence of their brands. He creates a gorgeous visual identity that reflects its values and promises. 
Originally from Baku (Azerbaijan), Nasibov has created an aesthetic combining colourful architecture, minimalism and symmetry. He began by photographing hidden patterns in buildings, proving that colourful architecture can be found in any city. He encouraged us to see the grey urban environment from a whole new perspective. His work is a cool mixture of design, photography, art and advertising. A breath of colour, vibrant details, simple lines and elegant typographies, which offer the most beautiful and creative solutions to the identity problems of local and international brands.
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Ramin, are you a freelancer? How do you organise your daily routine?
I have had work experience in large agencies, but for most of my career, I’ve worked as a freelancer. This has some advantages and disadvantages. The main thing is to organise the work with my clients and the working schedule. Therefore I am not just a designer, but I'm also a project manager and specialist in social networks. To be a successful freelancer, it is necessary to have experience not only as a designer but also to be an organised person who takes care of every detail, such as the presentations to the clients and the subscribers.
How do you capture the essence of a brand when creating its visual identity?
First of all, I do research. I make a case study of the client, product or service, the market environment and competitors. I have to understand the problems that the visual identity needs to solve. Any design is a solution to certain issues. After that research I work on some thoughts, and I explain my ideas to the client and only after this work, do I develop the identity.
Advertising agencies used to separate the executive and creative departments, although they work very closely. Besides creating the visual identity, do you also take care of the positioning and strategy?
Yes, in my opinion, each designer should have defined experience in these spheres too. I am an active user of social networks, not just because I advertise the projects, but also so I can understand the behaviour and interests of people, and watch trends. My knowledge of four languages also provides me with a deeper ability to understand people and different cultures. I use all my experience and abilities in different projects.
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Is it difficult to ensure the consistency with the creative guidelines of an international brand? Do the local requirements affect your work?
Certainly, any restrictions influence the work. But in addition to them, there is both a certain responsibility and a new opportunity. Anyway, the designer must be able to balance, to reach a compromise and explain their ideas, so all these restrictions can disappear gradually.
Are you constantly searching for colour? Does black and white bore you?
I don't look for colour; it finds me. It is necessary to be able to distinguish it. Technological progress has given people new opportunities so that everyone can make photographs. Looking for something original and a good composition too is necessary. Black and white can create a mood in a person, but it is not boring. I think bright photos and illustrations have acquired a new popularity thanks to the screens of different gadgets, which can display a richer colour palette. Before publishing, I have to fall in love with my compositions.
Your palette evokes Wes Anderson. Which other artists inspire you?
I am not inspired by people, but by the works and creations of these people. Therefore I often attend various exhibitions; I watch different films, and I daily glance over new projects by different designers. At the same time, I try to distance myself from certain names; a person has to be motivated to continuously self-improve.
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There is an exquisite order and composition to your layouts. Have you studied any specific disciplines?
I am constantly trying something new. At first, I studied information technologies, then I made my first website. To improve the website I began to study web design, and to understand my client I studied branding. Then the new trend kit mobile applications came up, and my design for applications was quite successful. Then I studied Motion Design and Photos to make effective presentations. As a result, I have experience in many different directions, and I hope not to stop.
What about your next projects?
I have several large projects on at the moment, but I can't share details. It is more important for me to do something new and to learn something new every day. At the end of every day, I try to sum up the results and make plans for tomorrow.
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