It's rare Raf when I wear Raf. In the literal sense. Summer/Spring 2023 is the last collection and runway show for the designer’s namesake brand. In a statement published on the label’s Instagram page, Raf Simons thanked his team, collaborators, press, buyers, and most importantly, his dedicated fans and loyal followers for their support throughout the years.
Since launching his label back in 1995, Raf Simons has quickly positioned himself as one of the most influential and groundbreaking designers of his generation. Designing for and collaborating with some of the biggest fashion houses including Jil Sander, Calvin Klein or Christian Dior, his designs hold an immeasurable influence within the fashion arena.

Known for his eponymous clothing, boyish-linear silhouettes, modern proportions, and androgynous aesthetics. Simons draws inspiration from rebellious youth subcultures and combines them with impeccable tailoring and excellent craftsmanship to constantly redefine traditional masculinity and instead opting to celebrate diversity and individuality. In his own words: “I am somebody who focuses on a dialogue between generations, that’s the drive of my work. I believe the young generation take the power; they’ll take over at one point, but the older generation, they’ll push it away only because of the fear.”

While all good things come to an end, it is now time for Raf Simons to move forward and say goodbye to Raf Simons, we can’t wait to see how fashion’s pivotal visionary will surprise us next: “Not knowing what’s coming is very romantic after all.” Will Simons step up to acquire the full reigns of Prada, allowing Miuccia to fully focus on Miu Miu? Or will we see him take over another house? Whatever his nexts steps are, it is clear that Simons is ready to move forward.