Plain Mister Smith’s newest release, New Wave Sangfroid, proves to be anything other than plain – it presents a captivating blend of layered harmonic vocals, acoustic guitar, cello, and synths. The song immediately draws you in with lush synth tones, evoking echoes of folklore and indie-pop inspirations that are clear in the song. The vocals feel distant and ethereal, adding an additional layer of mystery to the composition by the intriguing masked artist.
The lyrics further enhance the enigmatic ambiance of the track, as Plain Mister Smith has revealed the essence of the track as the story of a band navigating the 1980s music scene in San Francisco. The fusion of seemingly polarising elements, such as the melancholy undertones and the easiness of folk indie pop, creates a compelling sonic landscape. The track manages to effortlessly merge these elements, resulting in a whimsical and promising auditory experience.
New wave dance rhythms are also invoked, reminiscent from the artist’s earlier musical projects in the ‘80s, creating a nostalgic and whimsical ghost of the past within the mysterious folk pop song. The layering of the cello over acoustic guitar and the harmonic vocals creates a unique texture that sets Plain Mister Smith apart in the indie-folk rock scene. New Wave Sangfroid proves to be a great addition to the indie-folk rock genre, showcasing Plain Mister Smith's ability maintaining a sense of mystery and coolness.
Plain Mister Smith, the project by Mark Jowett, emerged as an inspired concept one day when he awoke. The distinctive figure, wearing a globe as a head, materialised in front of him as if fate itself to mark the beginning of the new journey. Based between Vancouver and London, Plain Mister Smith seems to be an entity of his own realm, in both the music sphere and beyond. The inclusion of this mask amplifies the mysterious allure in their music, leaving us eagerly anticipating the next chapter for our stylishly dressed front-man.