Let us introduce you to Pictures for Elmhurst, one of the the many fundraising initiatives and projects helping hospitals, healthcare institutions, NGOs, and other associations. This particular one has taken some of your favourite photographers, from Massimo Vitali to Alec Soth, to Camila Falquez and Matt Lambert, to collaborate with the Elmhurst Hospital Center in New York, one of the most affected cities by the virus in the United States.
“Elmhurst Hospital Center is grateful to the Pictures For Elmhurst fundraising initiative. As has been reported in multiple news outlets, the hospital has been flooded with Covid-19 patients and is struggling to keep up with demand for both medical personnel and PPE”, says the hospital’s team. “Longtime Elmhurst clinicians state they have never seen anything like it – comparing today’s situation to ‘being at war’. As of early April, patients and difficult outcomes have skyrocketed. This has taken a devastating toll on front-line staff. In addition to the sheer exhaustion of caring for so many critically ill patients, our doctors and nurses fear for their own safety and that of their families”, they continue. “Many are also experiencing moral distress in the face of so many lost – in many instances, with family members never having a chance to say goodbye”, they conclude.

That’s why, until April 20, you can purchase prints from 187 different photographers at $150. All profits, naturally, will help the hospital and its staff. “The Pictures For Elmhurst project adds desperately-needed supplies for those on the front lines fighting this virus”, the project’s website explains. So now, you only have to browse through the works by David Lynch, Cheryl Dunn, Martin Parr, Lea Colombo, Richard Mosse, Estelle Hanania, Katsu Naito, Paul Kooiker, Petra Collins, Drew Jarrett, Tyler Mitchell, Quentin de Briey, Talia Chetrit, Mel Bles or Joshua Woods, among many others.
Annie Powers.jpg
Annie Powers. Mood ring, 2017, Courtesy of the Artist.
Benedict Brink.jpg
Benedict Brink. Fire, Courtesy of the Artist.
Bibi Cornejo Borthwick.jpg
Bibi Cornejo Borthwick. We Rise, Courtesy of the Artist.
Bobby Doherty.jpg
Bobby Doherty. Grapefruit, 2020, Courtesy of the Artist.
Brianna Capozzi.jpg
Brianna Capozzi. Chloë and Mattie, Courtesy of the Artist.
Camila Falquez.jpg
Camila Falquez. GEIKO, Courtesy of the Artist.
Christopher Anderson.jpg
Christopher Anderson. Untitled, Brooklyn 2015, Courtesy of the Artist.
Dario Catellani.jpg
Dario Catellani. Pinky #01, Courtesy of the Artist.
Hart Leshkina.jpg
Hart Lëshkina. Self-portrait with a glass #1, Courtesy of the Artist.
Jack Pierson.jpg
Jack Pierson. Rose Moire, 2020, Courtesy of the Artist.
Joshua Woods.jpg
Joshua Woods. Cartagena, 2020, Courtesy of the Artist.
Laura Coulson.jpg
Laura Coulson. Ipenema, 2016, Courtesy of the Artist.
Lea Colombo.jpg
Lea Colombo. White Light Flowers Magenta Orange Fade To Yellow, Courtesy of the Artist.
Martin Parr.jpg
Martin Parr. Doughnuts, New York, USA, 2001, Courtesy of the Artist, © Martin Parr/Magnum Photos.
Moyra Davey.jpg
Moira Davey. Cisco (landscape), 2019, Courtesy of the Artist.
Paul Graham.jpg
Paul Graham. Untitled, Courtesy of the Artist.
Petra Collins.jpg
Petra Collins. Severine's Shadow, Courtesy of the Artist.
Shaniqwa Jarvis.jpg
Shaniqwa Jarvis. Don't cry for me, I'm thriving, Courtesy of the Artist.
Vicki King.jpg
Vicki King. Ran through lightning, 2018, Courtesy of the Artist.