Reflecting on the abstract uncertainty of living in a global pandemic, New York’s Freight+Volume Gallery is hosting mixed media artist Paige Beeber’s solo exhibition titled Farbe. It presents a collection of abstract mixed media works by Beeber, aimed at exploring the emotional distress caused by the pandemic. With her self-proclaimed 'kitchen sink' approach, Beeber’s work reflects on her experiences of isolation and working from the confined walls of her studio. It is now on view until February 21.
The Brooklyn artist received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Alfred University in 2015, since then, her work has gained her recognition in solo exhibitions at Sweet Lorraine Gallery and Arts+Leisure. The title of the exhibition, Farbe comes from Beeber’s extensive use of colour and mixed mediums in her work, which she has brought to the forefront of this exhibition. Her abstract artwork combats control and chaos all at once through a series of marks and patterns across mediums.

Farbe is animated by Beeber’s unique layering techniques and high energy of enigmatic brush strokes and markings. The artist presents a manipulation of intricate and complex colours and movements throughout her work in this exhibition. The interwoven variety of layers featuring paint, stitching and spiraling surfaces offer a glimpse into her creative process. As the text exhibition reads, “Farbe continues Beeber’s engagement with shifting layers of painterly marks, alternating between controlled, repeating passages and nebulous, fluid washes, underscored by her incorporation of found objects. The impulse of creation is central to Beeber’s work, the crux of her artistic process, with each piece a testament to its unique circumstance of creation.”

The exhibition showcases works inspired by the global pandemic, addressing its uncertainty and fragile nature in an exploration of order and chaos through her work. During the lockdown, the artist utilised her studio to channel her energy into this collection of paintings and capture the tenuous reality of this time. Beeber plays with mixed media, making use of heavily layered surfaces, to offer a unique and vibrant perspective on the conceptualisation of the feeling of isolation.

Beeber doesn’t refrain from pushing the boundaries with where her mediums will take her. With the use of oil paints, acrylic, inks, dyes, spray paints and a variety of other media carefully collected by the artist, she creates a unique approach to viewing the pandemic through her work. Through the mesmeric and complex use of colouring, patterning and layering, many of the works in Farbe present a maze-like application, enabling the viewer to delve inward and question the meanings behind each piece. 
Paige Beeber's solo exhibition Farbe is now on view at New York's Freight+Volume Gallery until February 21.
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