Packaged for Life: Chocolate provides a space to observe and appreciate something which is commonly disregarded as waste. The book acknowledges that packaging is not only a functional casing for the product within; it is a canvas for the brand’s message, purpose, or personality, and can act as a visual magnet.
When viewed as a piece of artistic design, packaging can take on an entirely new context. This is the role of this new book by Victionary, which gives us a space to appreciate chocolate packaging design as something which has taken real care and thought to produce. Each turn of the page offers a glimpse into a kaleidoscope of colourful images from luxury design houses around the world. It’s a visual journey ranging from minimalist packaging to bold designs, offering a wide-ranging mix of aesthetics and styles.
The pages of the release unveil an array of design houses that span location and sphere. From Imperfect Design by Masaki Kato, an architectural design studio based in Osaka, to andSons Chocolatiers from Los Angeles, we get a glimpse into the different visuals and materials used for something as simple as chocolate packaging. CF18 Chocolatier, founded by engineer-turned-chocolatier Christian Fredrik Furuholmen in 2018, takes a particularly unique and innovative approach. The diversity and range of designs within the publication makes it both visually engaging and intellectually stimulating.
Beyond its aesthetics, Packaged for Life: Chocolate can perhaps invite us to take a step back from our hyper-consumerist environment and notice the so often unnoticed. The book serves as a reminder to value the artistry hidden within the everyday, and to find inspiration in the seemingly mundane. Just as we savour the food within the packaging, we should also appreciate the time and effort it took to house such a product.
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