The Argentinian artist based in Antwerp Pablo Piatti presents a wonderful mural full of exotic birds and plants, printed in collaboration with Trestintas Barcelona. 
A few months ago we interviewed Pablo Piatti for METAL magazine, where he presented his series Animals and accessories. Now Tropical birds is a great example of Pablo's passion for nature and his talented hand. So, if you are in New York you should pay a visit to BOFFO Show House, look for this painting and discover other creations. Exhibition, curated by Andrew Yes, is open until June 4 at 371 Madison St. 

Pablo Piatti Tropical birds' wallpaper mural (Tres Tintas Barcelona), chair and stool Max Lamb (Johnson Trading Gallery), Monolith dining table Alex Gil (Spacecutter), Floral Design and Event Production Hanging Trees Ovando, ceramics by Melissa Gamwell and Natalia Criado.