Ottolinger is a brand formed by Cosima Gradient and Christa Bösch, two Swiss girls who met at the Basel School of Design and realized that they related to one another – they liked the same things and had the same approach to life. Through their brand they want to convey the times we are living, and their base always focuses on pattern and shape, treating fine materials roughly – they “destroy” pieces in the best way.
Two seasons have gone by. What stage is the brand in now?
We were lucky enough to have a few shops selling our first two seasons, including Selfridges. Also we are becoming more professional –our team got bigger–, and now we’re working on the new collection.
Is Berlin the right place to do it? Why did you decide to move there?
For us and at the moment, Berlin is the perfect place. We moved here because a lot of our friends are living here.
How was your experience when you were in Switzerland? Have you noticed any changes inside your brand as well as in your surroundings?
We both studied in Switzerland – Ottolinger was founded in Berlin. So we can’t tell if there has been a change inside. We don’t think that the collections would look really different if we lived somewhere else, but I think it is very normal for a slight change to happen when the surroundings are changing as well.
What does the brand want to add to the overall state of fashion today?
We want to add some handwork again. Experimenting with fabrics, forms and patterns is what we love to do. It is always about finding new ways to express something.
What’s the hardest thing about being a new designer nowadays? In which situations do you feel grateful to share tasks? What is your main concern?
We don’t think too much about that, it’s more about focusing on our strengths and how we can get better and better every time, so we are very thankful to work together. We both have different qualities and can help each other in different situations.
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