Her new song, Me Over You, is her most personal release to date. A track with which the Czech-born pop artist Nykki reminds herself that she must start choosing her over everybody else. “I’m so excited to share my feelings with you,” the singer said on her social media, just before presenting her new work in which she speaks openly about her emotions in collaboration with British writing and production duo The Radiators. “Production-wise I wanted a delicate start that built towards something more uplifting and strong as the song progressed,” explains the artist.
Empowering herself through music, Nykki now unveils a very personal track along with a music video directed by director and DOP Jan Strach. A visual work with images captured during a three-day road trip between the Italian coast and Rome. “Me Over You is about reminding myself I’m all I need sometimes,” says the singer, who began writing this song when her career came to a temporary halt as a result of confinement.

Having released singles that now accumulate dozens of miles of views – her single Lost My Mind already exceeds one and a half million streams on YouTube and one hundred and fifty thousand listens on Spotify – the emerging artist goes forward by leaps and bounds in the music industry. Perhaps her ability to connect with her audience through meaningful universal messages is her main strength. But what is clear is that this young artist has a promising future ahead of her. A fresh and renewed way of understanding music, built on honesty and authenticity. What will be the next chapter in her career? Only time will tell.
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