This ain't your home is a message of healing and hope that this Berlin-based alt-pop singer-songwriter Novaa wants to send with her beautiful new track and music video. It is a mix of delicate electronics and haunting but serene vocals and the video is an intimate, powerful journey that is self-explanatory already in its title.
Through the lyrics "This ain't your home, my body's my own," she tells the story of when she first realised she had been sexually abused, it is a way of healing for her and breaking taboos to be able to grow. In her own words, she explains, “it’s bizarre that very often you don’t see the harm that was done to you until somebody does not treat you harmfully.”

The single is just a snippet of what is to come with her upcoming album She is a rose but Novaa is not new to the game. The 24-year old artist released The Futurist in 2020 and a self-titled debut in 2019, and this time around she's trying to send a poignant message of hope in these trying times. The singer leaves us with these words, to sum up the meaning of This ain't your home: "Even if at times it can feel lonely to face your struggles, you are never alone with them. Speak up, talk to your family, your friends, your loved ones."
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