Shape-shifting Amsterdam artist Noha Saré delves deep into her inner psyche and finds personal solace on her latest single Lost, lifted from her forthcoming EP due later this year. Fusing subtle electronic stylings over Noha's cogent soulful vocal delivery, Lost is accompanied by a visually striking, immaculately choreographed videoclip, showcasing her vulnerability and ultimate triumph.
“Everybody has their own demons and it’s okay to talk about it. Most everyone has struggled with not knowing who they are, what they really want in life or where they’re headed. I got better in finding peace with who I am, including all the ups and downs, by accepting that it is okay to be scared and insecure and it’s okay to not know where you’re heading”, Noha explain.

The video was filmed by director, performer and visual artist and best friend Izak Berman, “My internal fight is embodied by 8 female performers”, Noha said. “Two of them engage in a game of attraction and repulsion. The video shows an enchanting oscillation between pleasure and pain, past and future, hope and disbelief. Within a surreal composition, which seems to be somewhere between a dream and reality, showing the obscure side of my world”.

Born in Amsterdam, Noha Saré is a 24 year old singer who stands out for her powerful, yet sensitive voice. Drawing on various genres, her music can not be classified into one specific category; Noha’s music tends to swing like her moods. She loves to play with contradictions in her personality and likes to dive into them and explore them. Both in her music and in the visuals that accompany it. Her debut single Talk To Me (added to numerous Spotify playlists including New Music Friday, R&B Hits 2020, Made in NL) as well as her second released single Lost are good examples of this: a soulful, authentic sound lined with elements of alternative R&B and electro pop.
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